Let it be Apple

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over and after today
it should be a breeze for the rest of the week. So just relax and have a great day 
today. Now onto today's topic, it's a topic that has invaded the U.S again. 
If you have visited the Apple.com website you might have seen that there was going 
to be news on Tuesday that would change iTunes. Well if you have seen on the news 
and every website that Apple has now gotten the rights to have The Beatles on the
iTunes website. And this is a victory for Steve Jobs. He has tried hard to get the 
Beatles for a long time. It is known that he is a very big fan of the group. So just
like in the 60's when they invaded the states and caused a new era in music, they are
doing the same to the digital music genre. So just how they landed in NYC they have now
landed on the Apple site and taken over. 
Apple teased everyone by saying that there was news on Tuesday at 9am central time,
but no one was aware of what the news was going to be. There were rumors that they
would launch a subscription music service. But late at night news was leaking out 
on Twitter and everywhere that The Beatles would finally be coming to iTunes. 
And to show you how a big of a deal this is for everyone involved. Apple has dedicated
a whole section on the Apple site, where they show videos of the Beatles over the 
years. As well as a performance they did at the Washington Coliseum in 1964 before 
7,000 fans. Which was after there most famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. 
Now if you have not owned a Beatles CD and downloaded it to your iPod by now. They 
are giving you the option to download a box set of their 13 albums for $149. With
only stand alone albums for the price $12.99 But you can also download single songs 
for the high price of $1.29. If you don't want to see the video of their performance 
at the Washington Coliseum online you can get it when you buy the Beatles box set. 
Then you can watch the video on your Apple TV or iOs mobile device. 
There were a lot of comments over the years when the Beatles would get into the 
digital music age. And they have finally arrived. And will you be downloading the 
box set of their music or there single songs? Or are you going to say "not me" 
I have themall loaded on my iPod. We will see if there are a tons of people 
rushing to their computers and loading the iTunes store and downloading the songs. 
We will see. 

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