Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Is everyone ready for the weekend before 
Thanksgiving? I hope so. If you are going to be cooking a big meal for the family
then you might be saying I don't want Thanksgiving to arrive already. But with 
every Thanksgiving the day after is the big show. The reason everyone goes out and 
starts their Christmas shopping. Today's techy bytes will not be available today, 
I will be talking about Black Friday. But Techy Bytes will be back the week after
Thanksgiving week
Now we all now what Black Friday is, that is the day that most retail businesses
make money hence the name Black Friday. Because if you are in the red then you are 
in danger mode, and if you are in Black then you are making money. So what is the 
hot items this season, well if you are on a budget then you would have to say that 
the items that you are going to be buying are the necessities like sweaters, pants,
socks and underwear yes I said socks and underwear, I know there are some kids out 
there right now saying No! I don't want no stinking socks or underwear. 
I understand but with the times that we are living in right now that is what is going
to be some of the items that you might be looking at if you're family is dealing with
money issues. 
But if you are not one of those people then you might be looking for some of the tech
toys that have made Christmas lists over the past few years. Like digital cameras, 
HD video cameras, HD Tv's, video game consoles. 
The video game consoles are going to be the one that gets more attention by people
this Christmas season. Why? Well for one most video game companies are introducing
there own version of a Wii system to try to take down the giant which is Nintendo.
Nintendo has been the video game leader for some time. The reason is because the 
Nintendo Wii is very reasonably priced for any family and you don't have to break 
the bank to just get the family to enjoy some Nintendo games. 
Sony a few months back and I mentioned it on my blog that they introduced the 
Sony Move. Now the move will be one of the hot items that parents and relatives 
will be looking for. As well as the Microsoft Kinect, now with the Kinect it is a 
little easier on the price because all you need to purchase is the attachment to 
your system and you have to purchase the games on the side. So if you want to look 
into some of my past blogs this holiday season to get more acquainted with what your
kids are looking for this Christmas go ahead and read and don't look like you are lost
when you are shopping for these items.
I want to use this blog today to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving and 
eat lots of food. And if you are the type of person that will be out there waiting 
in line on the day after Thanksgiving for a certain item. I wish you the best of 
luck that you find what you are searching for. I might be out there if I am able to 
wake up at that time. But I won't be looking for a certain item. And also that 
next week I won't be posting anymore blog this upcoming week because everyone will
be so busy with their Thanksgiving festivities and won't be looking at a computer 
to catch up on my blogs. So see in 2 weeks. And enjoy the holiday. 

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