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Happy Monday to everyone. Another start to another week. We all must have a positive
attitude today, because we have to have to be excited for what the week has in store
for us. I know that Monday's are always a hassle. But that must change. Now onto
today's topic. 
We all have used Facebook at one point in our lives. And hey have made changes in 
recent weeks. If you have used Facebook you may have noticed that the font on the 
website has gotten smaller, is this a way to save font size or is Facebook now 
saying that everyone that uses Facebook has a very good eye sight that they can see
that tiny font on their computers? 
They also made changes so not everyone who is on your buddy list can see your posts,
we all have heard the complaints from parents, telling their kids "Why did you 
post that one Facebook?" So they made the change in where you can form your groups, 
like co-workers, family members, friends, and when you form those groups only 
those people can see what you have posted on your Facebook Wall. So the parents 
can now relax and not everyone well know stuff that only the family should know. 
Now coming out today is word that Facebook now wants to be a email provider, now 
most of you are going to say well isn't that they do now with the messaging option 
on Facebook, to an extent yes but here is the difference, now not only are you going 
to be able to communicate with people on Facebook but even those friends that are not
on Facebook you can communicate with through your Facebook. That is what I believe is
going to happen with this idea that the Facebook boss has come up with. We should 
get a clearer picture later today when Mark Zuckerbeg makes the announcement online,
So the richer get richer and the poor get poorer. Who will feel the wrath from this 
Facebook creation more? Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail? We will see later today 
if Facebook comes out with a great product that we jump ship from which ever 
email provider that we use, or will we just say nah! I'm keeping what I have and 
I"m not ready to make that change. We will see later today. 

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