Windows 7 phones coming!

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get done with and then 
we will be ready for another weekend. Today's topic will be an interesting one that
everyone that has been waiting for these phones to come out, they will be out on the
market very soon. 
The phone that I have mentioned is the Windows 7 phone. That will be the OS on the
phone. The chief exec from Microsoft mentioned that 9 phones would be carrying the 
new OS. The phone companies that will have the Windows 7 on their phones are LG, 
Samsung, HTC and Dell. Yes! You heard that right Dell is coming out with their own 
phone. Some of the phones will have keyboards for you to text faster to your friends.
Others would have offer the touch screen feature. The new phones will start first 
with AT&T on November 8, which will sell 3 phones and then later on in the year 
T-Mobile will come out with their Windows 7 phone. And then in 2011 Sprint and 
Verizon will have their Windows 7 phones. So all the big companies will have their 
own piece of the Windows 7 phone. Unlike Apple which only offered the phone through 
AT&T and until now they will be releasing their phone on Verizon. But AT&T will offer
3 Windows 7 phones that they will sell for $200 a piece. 
Microsoft is putting a lot of time and effort to see if this works out for them. 
Because they have lagged behind in the phone business Apple, RIM, and Google Android
are far ahead in the selling of phones. So now Microsoft has to somehow make a dent
in someone's sales. Who will that will be? We will see. 
One cool feature if you are AT&T Uverse user. You can download shows right to the 
phone, so you can take the show on the go. You can also link your phone to Microsoft 
programs such as, Xbox Live for gaming, Zune music and video content and the Bing 
search engine. But you can customize the phone to your preference. 
Although one thing that I did notice on the phone is that the home screen is too busy, 
not organized. But that is just me. But if you like the phone. More power to you. 
So be on the look out for the phones that I have mentioned above. 

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