Watch your kids

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Maybe you are 
some of the lucky ones that is on their day off. Because if you are not aware 
today is Columbus Day. The day that Columbus discovered America. So starting out my 
blog today will be taking a different turn. I know today's topic will not be
related to technology, but if you live in Chicago, you will know that is a epidemic
that needs to be cured and fast. 
If you are in the Chicago area, you might see that the violence here is just 
non stop. And you know who are the cause of most this violence here in Chicago? 
Gangbangers! Yes, and I know one thing is for sure, if you want this violence 
to stop it needs to start at home. Now the thing that bothers me the most of when 
there is violence among gangs and one of the gangbangers get shot. The parents 
or relatives will come out on tv and see well my kid was a good kid and he wasn't 
capable of doing such act. And then they might show a picture of the individual and 
you can spot a gangbanger a mile away. But I know that the parents have to defend 
their child. But here is the thing. Once your kid comes home with clothes that 
are not clothes that you have bought, then that is where you must question your child.
Once he or she likes to wear baggy clothes, showing off your underwear. Now I know 
that for some it is a fashion sense. But take into account this if you are not a member
of a gang you might be noticed by a gang and get questioned. And they won't take it easy
and sometimes you might end up beaten up or in the hospital or worse killed. 
Now I understand that I shouldn't tell anyone how to parent their kids, and I understand 
that we are living in tough times at this moment with a recession and parents losing 
their jobs, or parents trying to maintain two jobs at the same time to give their 
kids what they didn't get when the parents were kids. But you need to be very 
stern on your kids, parents. Now I am not saying be a dictator. But communicate with 
your child well, but that must start at an early age. Because once you lose your 
child at an early age and acts rebellious then you must act quickly or you will lose
your child. And that is one thing that really bothers me. You might hear that they 
have captured a bigwig of a gang. And you might think well they caught a big gun. But
honestly think about it. They always have backups. Who if someone gets captured there
is always someone second in command to take over. 
That is one thing that gangbangers need, someone to talk to. Why? Because there is 
no one at home that listens to them. Many of them are not bad people. They were just 
forced into a gang. And once you get into the gang you can't get out. And sometimes
they are forced to do things that are not accustomed to doing. Now I know that we 
can't go back to the times we used to have. But we can live in peace. Doesn't everyone
want to live in peace. And not worry about walking the streets in peace? But like 
I said at the beginning it all starts at home. If you teach your kids the rights and 
wrongs of the world. And how you are supposed to act then you should be fine. But if 
you are one of the busy parents and don't pay attention to your kids. Be very careful 
of your kids. 

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