The invasion of the iPad

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Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day for all of us to get 
through. If you are in Chicago, you might have experienced the strong winds 
yesterday and you still might be hearing the rattling of the windows today. Just 
think to yourself, just one more day. Anyway onto today's topic.
Today's topic involves how many actors in California or anywhere in the U.S are 
reading their scripts now or how they are pitching their ideas to producers and 
directors. Well it all involves a new age toy that we all only dreamed of when 
we were kids. And now it has become reality. The toy that I am talking about 
is the iPad, which if you don't know by now it is a very popular device not only
in acting circles but also in doctor's offices for keeping records in line, and also
for students so they don't have to carry a ton of books in their book-bags. 
All the actors do now with the introduction of the iPad. They can show pictures of 
the past movies of how they want an actor or actress to play a role, you can also 
show pictures of locations of where you want to shoot a movie. 
The iPad is a very popular on tv show sets, a lot of actors use the iPad as an 
alternative as a laptop or you can enjoy some fun games on the iPad. Then they 
also can introduce it on a tv show. Like for example when it first came out 
the tv show Entourage had it on set as a computer with the keyboard to type on. 
Also on the tv show of The Office when one of the actors wanted to know what time 
it is, they just showed off the iPhone with a big clock. 
Hollywood people say they use the iPad so they don't have to use paper, so in reality
they are saving the environment by using the iPad. 
So more and more we are going to be seeing the iPad featured everywhere. Just like 
the iPhone and iPod, the iPad will soon be invading our lives. So be ready for the 
iPad invasion. 

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