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Happy Friday to everyone out there. Everybody is getting ready for the weekend. 
And if you are in Chicago. Then you are starting to see the start of fall happening 
with the leaves changing in some trees and the leaves falling to the ground. And 
the air is getting cooler. Many will like the weather that we are getting now, and 
then there are others who like the warm weather. And then before we know it will be 
Halloween. And I know that many are out there looking for the perfect costume. So 
good luck in your searches if you are looking. 
Now onto today's Techy bytes. It will be about 2 topics that is news for anyone 
who is interested in some of the products that this company will be selling. And 
as always I know there will be people running out to get their hands on this product.
Topic 1 - iPad coming to Verizon? Yes! you heard right, We had heard the rumors
that the iPhone would be coming to Verizon, But I didn't see this coming. So Verizon 
will soon be selling the iPad at their retail stores. But also now iPad will be 
featured at AT&T retail stores. Only Apple was selling the iPad at their store 
but now they have opened it up to many stores getting their hands on the hot item 
for this holiday season. Like for example Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy are selling 
the prestigious item. This just makes it more accessible for more people to get their 
hands on the hot item. But now onto to the latest news of Verizon offering the iPad. 
They will start selling the iPad on October 28 at both the Verizon and AT&T stores. 
They will have a 3 models available, the Wifi only version, the Wifi + 3G version 
and 3G version only. Now AT&T didn't announce the prices for the device. But Verizon 
did and let me tell you it is pretty expensive, but you can just purchase the device 
on it's own. But they will offer bundle packages which makes them expensive. They 
will bundle with the device the Verzion MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot to provide service 
on the go. The prices are as follows $629.99, $729.99, $829.99. 
Topic 2 - New products from Apple? Yes you heard that right. Rumors are going through
the Internet saying that Steve Jobs will be revealing new products. Because word 
on the Internet is that Apple will be doing a special media event on October 20th 
at 10:00 am pacific time. And the invite that Apple sent has the Apple logo with it 
showing a peek at a Lion. Which could mean that they will reveal a new OS for the 
computers. And it could be named Lion? We will see. But as you know which ever news
comes out of this event. I will bring it to you. So don't worry I will have you 
well informed on the goings on. 

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