Techy Bytes 10-29-2010

Happy Friday to everyone out there I know that this is the weekend to celebrate 
Halloween. Many will have parties to attend to this weekend. I just ask that 
everyone celebrate safely and don't end up on the news. But I think that Halloween 
came at a weird time this year, because it is on a Sunday. But next year it will 
be on a Monday so that could be even weirder. Onto today's Techy Bytes. 
No White iPhone for you! - For anyone out there that has been anxiously waiting 
for the release of the white iPhone 4, will have to wait a little longer again. Now
they say they will release the phone until Spring of 2011, they have taken 
off the phone from being sold online. So if you go on the Apple website you will 
only see the black iPhone 4 available. They have not provided a reason as to why 
they have delayed the release of the phone. But we are only left to wonder what 
the reasons might be. 
iPad available everywhere - A few weeks back I wrote on here that Apple would 
be releasing the iPad to more outlets. And as of yesterday Verizon has it available,
and also AT&T, so the rivals go at it again. The prices of the devices are the 
same at both stores. But in my eyes if you are willing to pay for an iPad and 
want a great deal. I would lean towards the Verizon deal they have for the iPad. 
But I just leave that to the consumer and what they see as their best deal. 
Macbook Air popular?? - Well as it is hard for me to believe. but the Macbook 
Air is getting good reviews from various publications. If you have noticed from 
the commercials that it is very thin. And that is one thing that gives it it's 
advantage towards other notebooks. And from Mr. Walt Mosberg of the Wall Street
Journal he notes in his column that the TSA says that the 11 inch Macbook Air 
does not need to taken out of the bag that you may have it in. Reason behind 
that thinking is that the computer is smaller than most traditional laptops. And
Mr. Mosberg also notes that is a perfect computer for any light user and you can 
use this as your main computer, but if you are a heavy user than you can use this 
laptop as your secondary computer. 

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