Techy Bytes 10-22-10

Happy Friday to everyone. I know that everyone has been waiting for this day 
and want the weekend to start already. Just be safe and be able to start another week
which starts on Monday. As I mentioned in my blog last week on my usual Friday 
edition of Techy Bytes that I would be mentioning the goings on at the presentation
of new Apple products which was announced just this Wednesday that just passed. 
I will be outlining some of the new things announced. 
Topic 1 - New iLife 11 - If you own a Mac at this time you are familiar with iLife 
and we all that own a Mac know this software just makes our lives a little easier. So
one of the new additions is the new iPhoto 11, they have brought Facebook to the new
edition meaning that you can see the comments they have made on the picture that you 
put on your Facebook account meaning that you don't have to leave iPhoto to view 
the comments left on the pictures. Also they made emailing your pictures more 
easier. You can just select the pictures that you want to send to friends and 
family members and then just simply insert it to the body of your email and then 
you just add the addresses and bam your done. You don't have to wait for a long 
time for it to load on your email. One cool feature on iPhoto is that now you 
can select a picture that you want to be featured on let's say a christmas card 
and you just submit it and then they will make a letterpress card of the photo that 
you selected. Very cool. iMovie 11 another cool addition is, if you have used the 
software it makes any regular joe into the next Steven Spielberg. One cool feature 
on this iMovie 11 is that now you can make your own movie trailer to the movie 
that you are making. So now you can send your friends and family members a sneak 
peak at the movie you are going to be sending them. Garageband 11 another cool 
thing that they have created is that if you are just starting out on the piano or
guitar, the software will give you lessons on how to play each instrument. But you
need to have the instrument to play. This is perfect for any musician that is 
starting out. And if you purchase a new Mac it comes free with your purchase of the 
computer or if you already own a Apple computer that you just need to pay 49 dollars
for the upgrade version. 
Topic 2 - Facetime on a Mac? - Yes that is true my friends. We all know how if you 
own a iPhone 4 that you can talk to people with another iPhone 4 or iPod touch. 
Well know you can do that on a Mac. Yes. Your computer now can accept video phone 
calls from any iPhone 4 or iPod touch. There is beta release of the software available
at So if you want to try out the software go ahead and try it out it is free.
Topic 3 - New Mac OS X - The new OS X will be named Lion, it joins a long line of 
cat names that the OS has had. They want to know how a Mac would look if it meets
the iPad. They will feature multi-touch gestures just like on the iPad. A cool 
feature on the new OS is that now you can download apps on the computer just like 
we can on the iPhone or iPad. So let's say you are looking to purchase Microsoft 
Office you can just go to the Mac App Store and download the App. The store will 
be open for business within 90 days of this past Wednesday, and if you are a app 
designer and want to submit some ideas on Apps for the new Mac App Store they will 
start accepting submissions starting this November. And this new OS will be available 
for everyone next summer. 
Topic 4 - New MacBook Air - If you have read my blog in the past you know my feelings
towards the Macbook Air. But here I am describing their newest creation. And I hope 
you like what they are offering now. Just like its older brother the little brother 
of the Macbook Air has no cd or dvd drive or hard drive. It is all flash memory 
which is thinner and takes up less space that is why they wanted to make this computer 
as this as possible. The weight on the 13.3 Macbook Air is 2.9 lb.... It has a complete
aluminum unibody construction. A LED Black-lit display, Core 2 Duo processor, NVidia 
GE-Force 320m video card and a Facetime Camera. The battery lasts 7 hours of wireless 
web usage.The starting points price wise on the 13.3 machine are $1299 for the 
machine with 128 GB storage and $1599 for the one with 256 GB storage. The little 
brother of this new generation of Macbook Airs has one 11.6 inch black-lit display, 
weighs only 2.3 lb, has the same processor and the video graphics card, the storage
capacity diminishes for $999 it gives you 64 GB of storage, or you can get the 128 GB
storage one for $1199. 
So all in all I hope you enjoyed the coverage I presented to you on the new Apple
products that Steve Jobs presented this past Wednesday. My thoughts on the computer 
will come soon. 

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