Happy Monday to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone survived another Halloween
weekend. There might be some people at work today looking all dreary and not 
wanting to go to work. But hey it's another week, that you might be surprised 
by what lies ahead for you this week. Now onto today's topic. 
A few months back, I had written about the whole E-reader craze well now there is 
a new entry into this E-reader battle. It is the same version as it's predecessor 
but they have just upgraded this version to what many people had wanted this 
E-reader to look like when it was first introduced. The E-reader that I am talking 
about is the NookColor, not much imagination there. So what is new about this version
well for one. As the name says it now features a color display something that every
user of the Nook wanted. It has a 7 inch display which looks very nice, the reason 
I say that is because now you can look at books, magazines on the NookColor like they
are supposed to look if you held the real deal in a book store. 
It has 8GB of built in memory, now you can store about 6000 books or you can also 
expand the memory on the machine with a MicroSD card and the maximum you can store 
is 32 GB. So not only can you save books on the MicroSD card but also music, pictures.
So you can listen to music from your own personal collection or you can also load 
Pandora on the NookColor and you can listen to music, while you read. You can 
also adjust the font size on the NookColor so you can make your reading experience
more enjoyable. It has a built in media player, where you can watch videos on the 
NookColor and store up to 100 hours of audio. It has a built in speaker and a headphone
jack where you hook up your own headphones, so you don't have to bother anyone 
around you that doesn't want to listen to what you are listening to on your NookColor. 
Touchscreen is another feature on the NookColor, and something that they have promoted
against the iPad, that you can read your Nook and NookColor in direct sunlight. Built
in Wi-fi, which you can use at any location that has Wi-fi available. You can 
also personalize the Nook with your on pictures. So you don't have to stick with their
own backgrounds. But you can make it your own. You know that is item and any E-reader
on the market will be a hot item for Christmas. So be ready for long lines at your 
local mall or just do what everyone who doesn't want to deal with that hassle. Just 
shop online. Well everyone check out the new Amazon NookColor. You might get one 
under your Christmas tree?? 

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