Nintendo vs Sony! Who do you like in this fight?

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Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Today's topic 
will be all about a topic that everyone that has a video game system will be 
wondering, which system is best for the family? Well I hope to help you on 
your quest to purchase the video game system for your family. Let us begin. 
First and foremost the two video game consoles that are all the rage right now 
and has been for some time has been the Nintendo Wii and the Sony Playstation 3. 
Now the big difference has been the prices, now if you are a family that is looking 
for a bargain during these trying times. Then I would have to go with the Wii but 
let me tell you some of the benefits in both systems and you can decide for yourself. 
Now if you have kept up with my blog, you might know that Sony is going to be 
introducing into the market the Sony Move, if you are not familiar with the Sony 
Move let me educate you on the new product. It is a wand, just like the Nintendo 
nunchuck with the Wii. But the difference between the 2 are that one looks like 
a remote control the other just looks like a ice cream cone that lights up. 
Since the introduction of the Nintendo Wii four years ago the Wii has been a staple 
in family homes and also into college dorm rooms. And Sony just now is trying to 
catch up to Nintendo's success with the motion capture games as is Microsoft. But 
let's just focus on the 2 combatants at this time, Nintendo and Sony. Now as we all 
know Sony products are always expensive and never cheap. And that is true with the 
Sony PS3. The system itself runs you for about 300 dollars. Now the problem with the 
Move bundle pack that Sony is featuring is the price of course. One move controller,
one camera, and the Sports Champions game which will rival the Wii sports costs 
100 dollars. Now if you want an additional controller to play against a friend which
is required it will run you for 50 dollars. Add in another navigation controller 
which is required for some of the games that should go for another 30 dollars. And 
if you want play regularly against friends at home you most certainly need the charging
station for your controllers so that should run you for another 30 dollars. Unlike
the Wii controllers which require batteries the Sony controllers don't need batteries.
So if you already own a system and just want to add the neccesary parts to have the 
Sony Move on your console that should run you for about $240 dollars before taxes. 
Now if you have never owned the system and want to own everything that you need to 
have the Sony Move. Then that will run for about $540 dollars. Now of course 
there are some things that the Sony system has that the Nintendo Wii doesn't 
the big thing right off the bat is that it has a Blu-Ray system and the game system
plays games in High Def which is a big boost. Which the Nintendo requires just your
basic RCA cables. 
Now Nintendo offers you a little bit of relief in your bank account. Now the system 
itself is a bargain. First and foremost they come in 2 colors, black and white. 
And it goes for $200 dollars and it comes with Wii Sports and the controllers needed
to start a game. Now if you need to purchase an extra controller to play against 
friends that will run you for about 55 dollars and you need a nunchuck to play 
any of the motion games that goes for 20 dollars. So as you can see there are 
less requirements on the Nintendo Wii as is with the Sony PS3. Right now if you want 
purchase a Nintendo Wii with all the things you need that should go for about 300 or 
so dollars. 
So if you have compared on price itself, I would go with Nintendo Wii but if you are 
looking to purchase a system that plays High Def games and purchase a Blu-Ray player
then you need to purchase the Sony PS3. But for me I would go with the Nintendo Wii. 
One there are least expensive and you are going to have more fun on the Wii then you 
are with the Sony PS3. Now if someone were to give me a PS3 I will accept it no doubt
about it. But if I were to purchase it myself. I would go with the Nintendo Wii. 

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