Kinect will be coming for you?

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. But this is 
Halloween week. Even though it comes on an unlikely day this year which is a Sunday
but many will be celebrating during the weekend that is coming up. So I hope 
everyone out there has found the costume that you wanted. And if you didn't then 
just have fun with which ever costume you got stuck with. Now onto today's topic, 
today's topic is going to be about something that I had posted some time back but
now I will be offering a more in depth look at this item
The item that I am talking about is the new Microsoft Kinect, if you didn't read 
my entry when I described the product. Let me just refresh your minds a little. 
Well first and foremost the Kinect is Microsoft's answer to the Sony Move and 
the Nintendo Wii. Except with the Sony Move and the Nintendo Wii there is a 
controller involved for the movements of the characters on your tv screen, now 
with the Kinect they take it a step further and get your whole body involved. 
Yes, my friend your whole body. To activate the system you just have to wave your
hand and navigate the game menus with you moving your hands. 
The system also reacts to voice commands, so you can say "play dvd" and boom the 
system is playing a dvd. It is so close to the future. Who would of thought that 
we would have a video game system that was able to recognize our bodies and then 
also react to our voices. It is almost a scary thought. Who knows maybe the machines
will soon take over the world. Nah! Just think back to the 80's or 70's didn't 
anyone think back to when they would say how is the 2000's going to look like, 
and many would say well we could see us living in the world of the Jetsons. Well 
we aren't there yet. But with this new device the Kinect it is getting close. 
Another cool thing that this system is doing at the end of game that you participate
in, there are pictures of what did during the game you almost can see that they 
will incorporate Facebook into this whole thing. You will then have the ability 
to post these photos onto your Facebook wall. 
While Apple made popular the whole touch screen scene popular with there creations
of the iPad and the iPhone, Microsoft hopes to flood the market with their whole 
body movement games that they hope will conquer the market just like the Wii did. 
Now like I have advised many whenever a new product comes out just give it some time 
until they work out the kinks and that here doesn't fail. With the whole body gesture
recognition who knows how the system will react to the first few that will come out. 
And you can almost sense that there will be some bad systems because remember this 
is Microsoft that has had epic fails with Vista and then the 360 with the red rings
of death. But we will see if this turns out to be a sucess. 

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