AutoCAD for Mac??

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Another hump day to get through. But we will get through
it. After today it should be a breeze to get through another week. Today's topic 
is good news for any architect that always wanted to use an Apple computer but was 
always met with the saying sorry.. We can only use a PC for our type of program. 
Now the AutoCAD program designed for all the architects out there is now available 
on the Mac. I could have said for any doubters out there. You could always install 
that type of program on this computer. If you remember when Apple started installing
Intel processors on their computers. They wanted any user that was wary of the idea 
of owning an Apple computer you can have the Apple computer. But at the same time 
you can run the Boot Camp program on your computer and install the Windows program
on your computer. And you simply have 2 computers in one. Now the only reason you 
would've done that was for this type of program that I mentioned above. At the time
you could not run it solely on the Apple computer. And that is why they brought that 
feature to the Apple computer. 
After 18 years of only being on the PC, they have brought this format of AutoCAD 
to the Mac. If you are interested in trying out the program on your Apple computer
there is a free 30 day trial version on the AutoDesk website. Yet if you are a 
student at this time and wish to run this program on your Apple computer. You simply 
go to the AutoDesk Education Community section and they give you permission to have 
over 25 products for downloading this program on your computer. Better yet you have 
it for you free for 3 years. Which is very nice to any student that wants to take 
his work on the go. The links are below. For each program the 30 day trial version
and for the students.

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