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Happy Friday to everyone out there today. Is everyone ready for the weekend? Hope
so. Just be safe everyone. And don't do anything that could be featured on the news.
Haha! Well onto today's blog. I will be changing things up a bit. So I just hope you 
all like it. It will be techy bytes Friday which will be 3 stories on topics that 
made news this week. Hope you like the change. 
Topic 1 - Blackberry which has clearly lost the battle of the smart-phones with 
Apple and Google clearly passing by Blackberry or R.I.M also known as Research 
In Motion. So they made headlines when they announced that they will be doing a 
tablet, to do battle with the iPad. Their version of the tablet will be called 
the Playbook. The Playbook will only be available for business users. They have 
not mentioned a price yet for the device. But they did mention that Amazon will 
make a kindle app for this device. They didn't mention when they would release 
the device, just that it would be out early next year. You will be able to access
Flash websites on this device, which the iPad doesn't have that capability. We 
will see how this device will do battle with the iPad. Even though that they will 
only be available to business users. Though there are still a lot of loyal Blackberry
users in the corporate world. 
Topic 2 - You might have noticed some time back that I had blogged about how 
Nintendo was going to be coming out with a new DS system. And that it was going to 
be in 3D. It is going to be called the Nintendo 3DS. We all had hoped that this 
device was going to be released during the holiday season. But unfortunately they 
will releasing the device in March, that is too far passed the holiday season. One 
thing that it could hurt it's chances is the price on the device. It will be close to 
to 300 dollars in the U.S. even though they didn't announce the price. But if you 
convert the price that they announced for Japan. it comes close to 300 dollars. And 
that is more than the original DS when it was first introduced. So we will see
if there are long lines for this device when it finally comes out. Or will the price
be too much, that they are frightened to pay for a device in that price range. 
Topic 3 - What happens when 2 great companies combine forces? Well you will be 
becoming a more potent company. Skype and Facebook want to come together.
Both companies want to incorporate each other's service on each site. The number 
of users is used crazy. For example Skype has close to 600 million registered users
and Facebook has close to 500 million registered users. The 2 companies have the 
same board member which could make the transition smooth. Imagine of the possibilities
that you can talk to people over a web-cam on Facebook or you can update your statuses
on Skype? Who knows how this is going to look like. But it is going to be very 

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