Samsung Tab battles the iPad

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone starts out their week on the 
right track. We all know that Monday's are always a hassle. But always give thanks 
to god for giving you another day to be alive and always live life to the fullest 
and always take this into account never ever say that you can't do something, or you
can't have something, always say I can do it, always say I will have it soon. Never 
ever lose faith in yourself. You are the only barrier that stops things from getting 
done. And we move on to today's topic it is an interesting one, of course because 
I did choose it and I want to write about it. Today's topic is about the competitor 
coming out to compete against the iPad. 
It was only a matter of time before we were going to notice the competition for the 
iPad. The first important company to make a tablet is Samsung, they named their tablet the Tab. How original of them. It has a 7 inch touch screen, it is half the size of 
the iPad. As we all know anything that Apple makes it will always be compared. And that does not change here. It has a 1.3 mega-pixel frontal camera ideal for video 
conferencing that is one feature that is not on the iPad. But it is on the iPhone 4. 
But we all know that the iPad will soon have that feature on it's tablet. It has a 
Micro SD card slot on the side of the Samsung Tab, there you can add as much as 32 
memory on the Tab. It has a 16 GB memory already built into the Tab. And if you add 
the additional memory, you can have as much as 48 GB of memory on your Samsung tablet. It has 3.0 mega-pixel camera with flash. It runs on the Android 2.2 O.S also known as the froyo. It has 1.0 GHz processor in the Tab. It has wi-fi so you can go to any library or coffee shop and run the Tab at those locations that have free wi-fi. It has the regular connections for your headphones if you wish to enjoy music or videos for your own pleasure and not bother anyone else. And you can download the App's via the Samsung App market or the Android Market which is Google marketplace for all the App's that they have for the Samsung Tab. It should be some time before Samsung and the Android markets have app's that will be able to run on the Samsung Tab. They still have the app's look like a stretched out version of the smart-phone app. 
It will be available on the wireless carriers. So you won't be saying well I have to 
be with AT&T if I want this device. It will run on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon
the big 4 companies. So the person who is with Cricket hoping to get this device. Will 
have to join one of the big 4 companies. 
Now overall I would say do you want a quality device, you might have to pay a hefty 
price for. But in the long run won't have any problems. Go for the iPad. But if you are
of the people that say I don't trust Apple. Then I would say go with this Samsung Tab
but give it some time until they work out the bugs and have app's that are able 
to work on the Tab. Then there is other type of people out there that say I don't want 
to read my newspaper or magazine on a tablet. I prefer to have my newspaper and magazine and books the old fashion way. And I don't disagree there. A good analogy made the other day was this let's say there is a fly flying in your house. What are you going to hit the fly with? Your expensive tablet device where you would smash the device and damage it, or would you rather have the old fashion newspaper, magazine or book to swat that darn fly? Your choice guys! 

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