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Techy Bytes

Happy Friday to everyone out there today. Is everyone ready for the weekend? Hope so. Just be safe everyone. And don’t do anything that could be featured on the news. Haha! Well onto today’s blog. I will be changing things up a bit. So I just hope you  all like it. It will be techy... Read more »

Don't use a phone while driving please!

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there today. Today is hump day. We are almost heading towards the end of the week. Think of today as the slide, that after today everything should be just easy. Today’s topic will be an interesting one that affects everyone out there. People have tried to cut down on this... Read more »

Samsung Tab battles the iPad

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Hopefully everyone starts out their week on the  right track. We all know that Monday’s are always a hassle. But always give thanks  to god for giving you another day to be alive and always live life to the fullest  and always take this into account never ever say... Read more »

Facebook is a top the mountain

Happy Friday to everyone out there. I want to wish everyone a very safe weekend. I  know that everyone has been waiting for this day since Monday. So here we are  on the cusp of the weekend. Today’s topic will be all about a company that we  all have used at one point in our... Read more »

Internet kills Blockbuster

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another mid week blog that you will most  agree with me on this one. It is something that has influenced everyone that has  used this service or used the service once.  We all have known for sometime that computers or the Internet has led to the  demise of many... Read more »

New kind of learning

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Who can believe that September is almost over? I can’t, it was not long ago that it was summer  and now we are prepping for the fall weather. Soon it will be Halloween, I’m  starting to see the Halloween stores that sell costumes starting... Read more »

Happy 25th Birthday Mario Bros!

Happy Friday to all, we are on the cusp of the weekend. I know a lot of folks out there that are awaiting just sleeping in, and just relaxing and not rushing to get to work. This week was a momentous occasion for a game that we all played at one point in our lives.  The game that... Read more »

Beware of Facebook Status updates

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there, another hump day for everyone to say I’m close to the weekend. So today’s topic is a little advice for everyone out there that is  always updating their statuses on Facebook and putting on Facebook where they are  located.  Ok case number one who out there hasn’t posted on... Read more »

new rules for developers of Apps

Happy Monday to all! Another start to another week. I know it always start out being a drag since it is a Monday morning. And you don’t want to get up and call in sick. But hey think about it at least you have a job not like the many many out there right now that... Read more »

Mayor Richard M. Daley no more!

Happy Friday to everyone out there. A short week for many. Today’s topic will not  be about technology. It will be all about someone that we are going to be losing  here in Chicago, that the effects will be felt everyone.  The person that I am talking about it is our mayor Richard M. Daley.... Read more »