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Happy Monday to all! Another start to another week. I know it always start out being a drag since it is a Monday morning. And you don't want to get up and call in sick. But hey think about it at least you have a job not like the many many out there right now that are suffering without a job and can't get even an interview. So just be grateful for what you have. And enjoy every moment. Now onto today's topic that might bring some joy to many developers of app's for the
iPad or iPhone. 
As you may have heard from various publications online that Apple has loosened the reigns on what you develop  application wise for Apple App Store. The reason behind Apple loosening the reigns is maybe because the Android or Google is gaining on them and they are starting to feel the pressure. Many people within the industry state that Apple is now very aware now of who they are up against in the smartphone market, and they are trying to present a friendlier face for their developers of the apps. Because they don't want to anger the people that have made the iPhone and iPad as popular as they are at this present moment. This year many developers were very angered by the rules that Apple had on it's applications, the pulled 
many sexually suggestive applications like for example a jigsaw puzzle featuring scantily clad dressed women. But they still left in the App store the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit app. My argument at the time when this was announced, was this if you are Sports Illustrated, you are putting 
a lot of money so you can have your app being featured in the Apple App store, would you want to anger an important publication such as Sports Illustrated? By just saying sorry we can't feature your app because we have these rules? I wouldn't. But still imposing some guidelines on what is acceptable.
They did state there are the things that are not allowed when they are developing App's. Like for 
example they are not allowed to put porn or violent images, or also copying someone else's app. The last one is a given. It's almost copy cat work or copyright infringement like. App's that are not very useful or do not provide any lasting entertainment value will now be rejected those are the rules that Apple stated.
Also you the developer must make a App that is worthwhile and is very entertaining or else don't make it. For example who would want the Fart App? Unless you want to pull a prank. I don't see any good use for that App. 
Another winner in this turns out to be Adobe Flash. Because if you remember back Apple had 
a big time fight with Adobe, where both sides fired shots at each other. anytime when you would go on your iPhone or iPad on a website that had Flash all you would see was a blue box with a question mark. That would just indicate that the device didn't recognize the program. So with the new rules that Apple has come out with, now developers of App's can include Flash and that could make the App look cooler and sleeker. And Adobe is working on some app's that are getting approved by Apple. And also as a part of the document that stated the new rules. They did also say that any developer of App's can include ad's from outside companies. Many thought that they would have to use the new iAd from Apple. And that is not right. Everyone can put ad's that are not made directly with iAd.  
So we will see what happens from here and out. Will Apple's App store keep it's lead on Google's Android market or have they lost enough developers to not gain them back? We will see what lies ahead for the smartphone leader.  

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