New kind of learning

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Who can believe
that September is almost over? I can't, it was not long ago that it was summer 
and now we are prepping for the fall weather. Soon it will be Halloween, I'm 
starting to see the Halloween stores that sell costumes starting to open up or 
prepping for the season. Then the winter weather will be upon us. Now onto today's topic 
it's a topic that could motivate some school officals and some kids out there.
There is a school in New York City, that if you walked into the classroom 
you would say well it is just your regular classroom that has nothing exciting, or 
stuff that would make a kid interested in a subject. The name of the school is called
Quest to Learn, they have a class that is called Sports for the Mind, which every 
student attends three times a week and they anticipate the next class. 
It is described on it's website as "a primary space of practice attuned to new media 
literacies, which are multimodal and multicultural, operating as they do within 
specific contexts for specific purposes." What the class is all about is bascially 
about technology and game design. Any regular joe might say why use all those words 
to just describe what your class is all about. But this is not your typical school. 
I mean take into account the idea of grades 6-12th designing video games. That just 
gives the kids a head start to everyone who doesn't have the advantages that they 
are receieving right now. 
The lesson that they taught one day was all about enemy movement the enemy is a
collection of robots roving around in the games. The class is of about 20 sixth 
graders. They observed how the robots moved, and they would take notes on how they 
can improve the game. Then later they would work on their laptops and they would 
be designing their own game. And the good thing about the class is that the kids 
are motivated they want to be part of something special. They want to make their
own game a success. They take part in the game, like if they were at home playing it 
themselves. The teacher of class will be playing the game and the kids will be yelling
out instructions to the teacher on how to win the game. 
I think if this type of class were ever to be brought to kids of the inner city or 
just kids in general that want to learn. It could be a success nationwide. I mean 
if you see from what I have written. It is not just a class where you are learning 
about dead presidents, and dates and facts. You are getting your hands dirty with 
something that you could say later on in life and say "hey! I designed that game 
when I was in grammer school." Who among us can say that? You can simply view the 
website and see this is not your typical school. This is one of a kind school. That I will 
highly recommend to anyone that needs to look for a school for their kid. Or I would start
the push to bring it to Chicago.

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