Mayor Richard M. Daley no more!

Happy Friday to everyone out there. A short week for many. Today's topic will not 
be about technology. It will be all about someone that we are going to be losing 
here in Chicago, that the effects will be felt everyone. 
The person that I am talking about it is our mayor Richard M. Daley. Now we all have
different opinions on the man. And we all should. Because we all think differently. 
In my mind I think he was a great mayor in my eyes. I think he has done so much for 
the city. He incorporated that trees be planted everywhere. He wanted to make the city
more attractive so when people came from out of town, they would notice a nice city.
And one thing that I was always in favor of him, was that he was never against 
immigration, because he would say that this city and this nation was built by 
immigrants that is why he said that he welcomes anyone to come to the city of Chicago.
He always maintained that the plants around the city be nice and all to see. He also
built the city to be one of the worldwide known city in the U.S. Take this into account
he always welcomed anyone to his city to make a movie, or to showcase the city. When 
the movie of Transformers 3 was being filmed in Chicago, some people were bothered by 
all the traffic jams and all sort of stuff. But Richard M. Daley would be happy because
why? well of course they were showcasing the city in a movie and of course money was 
coming into the economy of the city. They incorporated a lot of local extras, and any 
person that helped with the transition of people around the site was from Chicago. He
also helped Oprah shut down the Michigan Ave when she debuted her new season of her show
As with anyone that is good there is always the bad. Of course he had his downfalls, like
for example the big project that he had was the blue bag recycling program. That never
really materialized into something that everyone was doing. And then the problem that 
everyone said was his biggest downfall the was privatizing of the parking meters. No one 
person found this to be a good thing, for one the price of meters went up slightly, and at 
times when there would be freezing rain and the machines would not be able to work. Then 
he worked extremely hard to bring the 2016 Olympics to the city of Chicago. But that 
never really materialized into anything serious. 
Then when a great person leaves someone new has to come in and fill his shoes. So now 
the long line of candidates are being announced left and right. One candidate that could 
be the right candidate for the job and he said that he would never run if Mayor Daley 
were to run, because he too much respect for him. So now that he is not running maybe
this is Rahm Emmanuel's calling. I would endorse him because he is a rah rah guy that 
most embodies Richard M. Daley. And if you have seen the show Entourage Ari Gold is like 
the brother of Rahm Emmanuel. So do you want someone who wont do anything while in office 
ala former Governor Rod or someone that will go all out to get the job done. You know where 
my vote goes, where will your vote go to? 

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