Internet kills Blockbuster

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Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another mid week blog that you will most 
agree with me on this one. It is something that has influenced everyone that has 
used this service or used the service once. 
We all have known for sometime that computers or the Internet has led to the 
demise of many companies. And I did write about this demise some time back and now
it is becoming official. Back in the year of 2005 Blockbuster was the video rental 
giant. And when people over the years wanted to rent videos online the company 
much obliged in offering that service. But then a new company was entering the arena 
of video rentals and it was Netflix. Many when Netflix was introduced asked how that 
service works. Well it was very easy, all you had to do was go on their website, 
register for the service, and then after that you would have to select the movies 
that you liked. And then you would receive them in the mail. So in reality you 
didn't have to leave your house to get movies. And you only had to pay a minimal fee
for the service. 
So as time went on Netflix was getting more customers and Blockbuster was beginning 
to lose them. And now we notice the store closing signs at any local Blockbuster 
that you may encounter, if you can find one. Blockbuster tried everything to keep 
customers, they tried to offer the service that you can rent as many movies as you 
wanted, and you can return them back to the store with a minimal fee to be paid. But
it didn't work out, because the minimal fee that they offered, had to be raised and 
that just led to most of the loyal customers had to leave the company and go 
somewhere else for the renting of movies. 
And we arrive to now, with everyone having a broadband connection in their houses. 
All you have to do now to get a movie in your house, you can just stream them via 
the Netflix app on your Xbox 360 or your Nintendo Wii and you don't even have to 
leave the house. Also with the Iphone and iPad you can get them on your mobile
device. And then you also have the Redbox boxes at your local grocery store
and that just added more nails to the coffin of Blockbuster. Because if you go to 
the grocery store and pick up the groceries and you say hey.. I want to get a movie 
for tonight. You just pay for your groceries and leave the store and outside the 
store you will have the box located. And the service is offered to you at a very 
reasonable price that won't hurt anyone's wallet. 
So say good bye to a once proud franchise that was a powerhouse, but could never 
compete with the Internet. Good bye Blockbuster

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