Happy 25th Birthday Mario Bros!

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Happy Friday to all, we are on the cusp of the weekend. I know a lot of folks out there that are awaiting just sleeping in, and just relaxing and not rushing to get to work. This week was a momentous occasion for a game that we all played at one point in our lives. 
The game that I am talking about is Super Mario Bros. Yes that game which had the most recognizable characters like Mario of course, Luigi, the princess, bowser, and 
king koopa, goombas, the mushrooms, the fire flower. The franchise is celebrating 
25 years of existence. We all remember when we first played the first Mario Bros game, you remember the theme music that once you hear it you say "Mario Bros". Then 
you also remember trying to power up with the mushrooms, the fire flowers, and then trying to climb the flag pole at the end of each level to get more points on your score. 
Then after the 1st mario game, came mario bros 2, and then the 3rd part of the mario franchise. Those games where the games that established Mario as the most recognizable 
character that is almost in the same level as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny. Then they did launch a movie starring John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins titled Super Mario Bros. But in my opinion it was not very popular. After being on the original Nintendo 
console, it then went on the Super Nintendo console which brought the Mario Kart to the console and was a very popular game from kids to adults. Then Mario went to latest and greatest console the Nintendo Wii and they brought of course the golden goose of the company to the new console and they have featured him in the Mario Kart series with the steering  wheel which brings the game to a more real 
feel to it. And also Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is like the original Mario buy in the galaxy. 
And with the birthday they have made a special website to celebrate this occasion you can go to http://mario25th.nintendo.com and once you go to the site you will 
notice all the sounds and the graphics that brings memories to when you were playing the original game. If you watch the video on the site you will see the gameplay from the original Mario to the newer game Super Mario Galaxy 2. So go to the site and
remember back to when you were the little kid sitting on the floor day and night trying to conquer the original Mario Bros game. 

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