Facebook is a top the mountain

Happy Friday to everyone out there. I want to wish everyone a very safe weekend. I 
know that everyone has been waiting for this day since Monday. So here we are 
on the cusp of the weekend. Today's topic will be all about a company that we 
all have used at one point in our lives. 
The company that we all have used in our lives is the most famous company, that 
company is Facebook. As we all know the history of Facebook it started out as a 
company that was started by a young student named Mark Zuckerberg, who only made
Facebook only available to college students. But then after a couple years of only
making the social network exclusive to college students, they then made is available 
to everyone. And then companies, television networks and even the White House are 
on this very popular social network. Just compare how far this company has grown 
into a powerhouse of a social network. A couple years back there was a battle 
between the two social networks of Myspace and Facebook. And everyone at the 
time would ask you are you on Myspace or Facebook? People would answer either or. 
Now Myspace has been dumped to the side and Facebook is the juggernaut that it 
is now. 
Now if you have noticed on your Facebook profile in the top right corner of the page,
where you click to log out of your page there is a tab that has credits and the amount
of credits that you to your name. Well as with anything that is popular, you have to 
make money. So now if you go to any retail store now, you might find a card in which 
you can purchase credits. You might say well what do those credits do? Well they 
give you the opportunity to get stuff for your apps. The most popular game on Facebook
has been Farmville. And this is where the credits come into play. Let's say you want 
to get some materials to build a building for your farm, so you just need to use the
credits that you have purchased and you can get the materials that you need. But Mark
Zuckerberg said that they might offer the credits for more stuff other than the apps. 
Then there was rumors floating around the Internet the past few days that Facebook was 
making a Facebook phone. Remember with any company they had to deny that they were
creating a Facebok phone. Think back to when there were rumors of Google making a phone
they denied it constantly. And then came word of the Google phone and look at them now, 
one of the better phones on the market. So I wouldn't be surprised if they announced 
that they have a phone later. 
We all have seen the previews for the movie The Social Network which tells us about the
start of Facebook. Even though Mark Zuckerberg was not behind the whole movie project
we all know that this a must see movie. Not just because it features Justin Timberlake
although there are girls out there that will say.. OH yes! I want to see Justin Timberlake, 
but this about how this juggernaut was built from the ground up. So Facebook is popular 
now, but watch out in the future it could turn into a mega company that will be everywhere. 
Watch out for Facebook. 

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