Don't use a phone while driving please!

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there today. Today is hump day. We are almost heading
towards the end of the week. Think of today as the slide, that after today everything
should be just easy. Today's topic will be an interesting one that affects everyone
out there. People have tried to cut down on this and there is the technology to 
make everyone's lives easier but still people don't obey the rules. 
You might be asking yourself "What is he talking about?" Well the topic that I am 
going to be talking about is this. Why do people text and talk on the phone while 
they are driving? Really! I have noticed around the area that I live in and in 
downtown Chicago that people are still talking on their cell phones while driving. 
Even though there are laws, and also they have made videos depicting what might happen
to you if you are doing that. But I understand some people saying I don't want to talk
on a bluetooth headset because it is not cool. I understand that aspect of the argument 
because don't the people on bluetooth headset get on your nerves? But that is an 
argument for another time. But I understand that most cell phones out on the market 
at this time have the capability to be used as a speaker phone. Now you can just get 
the phone on the speakerphone and you should be fine. Because you are going to have 
both hands on the wheel and still concentrating on the road. If you carry it on your 
hand, you will only have one hand on the wheel and just concentrating on the call and
not on the road. Texting is another thing that causes accidents and at a alarming rate.
In the texting while driving argument you have to have both hands on the phone 
to send your text, and you can not be concentrating on the road while you are texting. 
Now I was part of an accident, and now I was not behind the wheel of a car. I was trying 
to cross a busy intersection. When I looked both ways, the way they taught us as 
kids. So as I was about to cross the street. When I felt something that threw me back
to the sidewalk. And then I opened my eyes and I was just lying on my back on the 
sidewalk. Well I heard people saying are you okay? I just felt everything and it seemed
that it was fine, so I just stood up and walked around and it seemed that nothing happened
to me. But the thing that got on my nerves was that the driver didn't stop for one 
moment. Not to see if I was all right. I don't know if the person was distracted, but 
it wouldn't surprise me that she was talking on the phone. Thank god I walked away 
from that accident and no harm was done, just a little swelling in the foot that 
got hit. and then the fear to cross the street. But after a couple weeks of trying 
to walk again like a little tyke. And then confronting crossing the street. I am all 
This is why there are a ton of campaigns to stop the texting and driving and also 
talking on the phone while you are driving. Oprah Winfrey started a campaign on 
her website and also on her show. Where she gets stars to sign a petition where they 
will stop using a phone while driving. So please don't do it because you might be as 
lucky as the person that hit me. So think about it. And use your head. Be smart. 


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  • You have a very unique writing style. Where did you go to school?

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    Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I have a unique writing style?

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