Beware of Facebook Status updates

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Happy Wednesday to everyone out there, another hump day for everyone to say I'm close
to the weekend. So today's topic is a little advice for everyone out there that is 
always updating their statuses on Facebook and putting on Facebook where they are 
Ok case number one who out there hasn't posted on Facebook - Hey guys! I'm at the
movies, or Hey guys! I'm not home right now. Well that happened some people 
in New Hampshire, there were 3 men who simply just looked on Facebook to see who was
not home and where they were located and go into their houses to rob them. And how
did they rob their houses, well simply like I mentioned above they put on their 
status updates, I'm not home. So that is where these 3 individuals come in and rob 
them a total of between $100,000 to $200,000 worth of merchandise. 
Now case number two an upstate New York women was boasting about how she was working
as an apartment complex manager and at the same time collecting workers compensation.
She was sentenced to 3 years probation. The 28 year old women whose name is Alexis 
Muniz was ordered to pay back almost $9,000 dollars, that was the amount of money 
that was not entitled in getting. The workers compensation board said that Ms. Muniz
was receiving compensation for a previous employer in which she was injured and told
the board that she was not working. The investigators charged the women after they
found the posts on Facebook. 
So what is the lesson that you have learned today? Don't put stuff online that you 
don't want everyone out there to find out. It's almost like posting I'm about to rob 
a bank I'm going to in through the back door and get the money. Like the saying on 
ESPN says "Come On Man!" If you are going to post that you are out of the house, 
you better have a good security system and a very big dog that could take down any 
intruder, or if you are cheating on something or someone. Don't post it on Facebook 
because sooner or later they are going to catch you. Or if you want to be slick, 
like in the Bourne Identity Movies, stay off the grid. I don't condone cheating 
the government but would you really just wave a flag and say catch me? I'm here.. 

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