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Happy Wednesday to everybody today is hump day to all. It's almost the weekend. So today's topic will be about a little topic that I have been against for some time and maybe this could sway me to be in favor of this. Nah! But I will write about it. Because there is a lot of people that want to know some info on this product.

We all know the craze of the iPad and all E-readers has gone wild, I mean they have commercials, which is not surprising because Apple will feature their products in ads. But the iPad has been featured in shows on TV such as Entourage and other shows. Now when they came out with the idea of creating E-readers, they wanted to make reading books easier and the cooler thing to do. And it is looking like they are doing so.

Take this into account. Okay, if you are reading a book the old fashioned way, are you going to get bothered by onlookers? No. Because what we have learned when a person is reading you stay away from that person. Now with the creation of the iPad you are more likely to get bothered by onlookers, saying "Oh hey! You have the iPad, what does it do? Can I see it? Can you show me?  Almost like when you have baby pictures of a newly born baby.

I remember there was a time when people thought that reading was not cool. But that is not the case anymore. If you purchase any E-reader on the market or an iPad, you are looked on as the coolest person on the block. Now the time when you were in the library all alone reading a book in a corner, those times are over.

 Do you like the idea of people bothering you while you are reading an important book, if you want to be noticed then this is the product for you. But if you just want to read your book in peace and quiet. Then I would recommend just sticking to old reliable. 



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