To mount or not to mount?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there, today is hump day for
all. After today the week should be a breeze and easy to get to the weekend,
today's blog will be all about something that everyone who is renting or about
to sell your house might be considering.

Now we all know that the age of the big old box television
has gone away, although there are some houses that still have them in their
households. But the vast majority of households have gone with the new age of
digital TV and bought themselves an LCD television or a plasma television. And
with these newer sets comes the dilemma should I mount it up on the wall or
should I just let it sit on the stand that it comes with?

Let's all consider this situation, if you are currently
renting an apartment or you're considering selling the house that you live in,
and you go out to your local electronics store and buy yourself a new digital
set, would you (A) Go to your landlord and explain to him or her that you are
going to mounting up on the wall a LCD or plasma television? (B) Or would you
just say well it is just like a frame, where you just are going to make a
little hole and they won't notice a thing whenever people come over to view the

Both situations are something that could happen at this very
moment. Because consider that the landlord is someone that is very demanding of
what happens in the apartment. Like for example you can't have parties at
certain times, and if you do have a party you must be willing to clean up after
the party is over, you can't have certain people over, you can't have loud
music. So if you do want to mount up a TV on the wall of your apartment, be
prepared to negotiate with the landlord. Because let's say you move out to a
bigger and better house and don't need to rent, when you leave the house and
you do have the TV mounted on the wall. There will be holes on that wall. Now
if you left the apartment as is, it will be a very tough sell on the other
buyers that are looking at renting the apartment. So be prepared to say we will
be fixing the place when we leave. Or are you willing to leave the TV at the
place? That could be another option that you might have to consider.

And then if you are selling your house, the perspective
buyer might really like the house in the state that it is in. And then they
move in and the notice all the holes on the wall, because of the TV's that were
mounted. So you might have to consider the situation that I mentioned above for
the apartment. So be ready to negotiating the buyer of your house. And good
luck to all who are considering all this.



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