Technology too good?

Good day to everyone. It is Wednesday, happy hump day to all. And we start another month boy how August flew right by. So now we start September and it is getting closer to fall. Today's topic will be an interesting one that I am going to be covering today. It is going to be about how technology today can be too not personal.

We all have come to realize of how technology has ruled our lives. Anything from E-mail to touch screen phones, tablets that are touch screen and not with a stylus, there have been on most occasions how a nicely written letter could do a lot of good for the other person receiving it. And not just something that you write on a computer, I'm thinking that people have forgotten how to write a nice letter to someone they know or someone they love. All they have learned to do was just texting short phrases or writing a quick E-mail. There is also a song out right now that states that in the old days, if you were going out with someone, you used to write a letter to conquer his or her heart. But now what do you do? You write a simple e-mail. 

Now when you are working for a company, do you believe that e-mail or instant messaging is the way to go? I firmly believe that for you to be able to communicate with someone you need to face them face to face, and communicate the message to the other person personally. Now what kind of person, if they are going to be evaluating a person's performance who is working with their company for a couple weeks, after those weeks he is going to be receiving a evaluation on the work that he or she has done for the company. Now do you think that the person doing the evaluation of this employee. Does he deserve the courtesy of communicating the message to this employee face to face or by e-mail? Maybe some high ranking employees might say well you can save a lot of money doing it over the Internet but how is this employee going to be advancing within the company if he or she is not receiving the direction that he or she deserves?

If you are bringing in a new employee to your company, do you give him a fair chance to perform? Of course that is what is expected. But in some occasions there have been times when the new employee is giving the worst computer that the company has? Something that is running an OS that is very unreliable and breaks down every time you do a simple task. Now I think if you are going to be bringing in a new employee. I really you give him the fair shot of performing. And not just set him up to fail. I just hope that some employers get it together and give everyone a fair shot when they go into new jobs.





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