School Checklist

Happy Friday to all, hope you are surviving this hot weather
that we are experiencing here in Chicago. Hope you are reading this in a nice
AC place where your not dripping sweat on your keyboard.

 Onto today's topic, we all know that schools are starting in
a couple weeks all over the US. And then there are others that have already
started, those would be the year round schools that are already in classes at
this moment. I would like to have the students everywhere and the parents to be
reading this blog. It is very informative for everyone.

 I would like to offer a checklist for every student and
parents out there. Even the college student that is going to be attending his
first day in college, aside from warning every freshmen attending college to be
aware of the freshmen 15. They will certainly need their necessities. First and
foremost they are going to need a laptop. Many will say no because even though
it is a computer and the parts of the computer are smaller and more expensive.
But in these times when there are a lot of students attending colleges and
universities we all know that when it is mid-terms or finals and you have to do
a paper in the computer lab chances are that computer lab in the college or
university will be very full. So then a laptop will come in handy and the
student will be able to do his or her paper in their very own dorm room and
print it out in their dorm room. 
Oh and yes they will need a printer as well. It is very useful to get an
all in one printer. These type of printers can print out documents, print
pictures, scan documents, and make copies.

 Now which laptop is the better choice for you, well I would
have to say you can go various ways. It just depends on which laptop feels more
comfortable for you. Right now Apple has a nice sale on their website. Where if you
buy any laptop or desktop you can receive a free and new Ipod touch but after
rebate does it become free. Now PC computers have the newer processors in their
computers, those processors are the Intel i3, i5, i7 these processors are the
best on the market right now. What are you able to do on these processors? Well
with these processors you are able to multitask and do more than one thing on
the laptop, and the laptop will not slow down. If your student is into graphics
and video gaming these processors are perfect for them.

 Many students know what an Ipod is and if you don't, where
have you been living? And your kid might be saying "Mom or Dad I will need a
new Ipod?" Well I would say wait a little while, because there is rumors out on
the Internet that they will be releasing a brand new Ipod. I don't want you
running out and buying an Ipod and then knowing a week after buying that they
have released a newer model. That has always been a complaint among consumers.
So be warned. And yes there are other mp3 players but come on let's be honest.
Do you trust any other mp3 player?

 So good luck on your journey buying your kids they want for
school. And hopefully these tips will help you out a bit. Have a safe weekend

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