PC vs Mac continues

Hey guys happy Monday to all, hope everyone spent a very
nice weekend. If everyone who has watched television these commercials might
have noticed the hilarious commercials that Apple came out with in their war of
Apple versus PC. They were very funny ads because those situations that the PC
and Mac always debated about was, what customers always asked when they wanted
to buy a computer.


So now since Apple is having a banner year in sales ever
since Steve Jobs came back and rebuilt the Apple brand. With their new iPad,
iPod, and the Mac computer line and all their retail stores that is always
busy. There is no time when there is a drop in customers at their retail
stores. So now Microsoft has to come back fighting in this war that they have
dropped back and just watched Apple take over.


First and foremost they came out with their own answer to
the iPod, and that was the Zune. When it was first announced it was not met
with a lot of fan fare. Because everyone wanted to get their hands on an iPod
first, so now after a few years of trying they have come up with a version of
the Zune that everyone likes. But it is not yet taking over the Mp3 market.


Now since they have to fight back against Apple. They came
out with their own checklist of things that PC does well. They state that the
Apple computers are hard to learn. Well if you are a hard-core PC user then you
might have a tough time using an Apple computer. But if you want to target the
casual user that doesn't take sides then you might have a chance. But honestly
when your computer comes with the software right out of the box that you can
start working on, isn't that an easy choice? With a PC you have to buy the
software to make your computer to run like a Mac.  They always state that networking is very easy on a PC. That
it takes about 3 clicks to get on the network. With an apple network you are
able to connect with just one click. And Apple networks are able to notice PC
computers, but unfortunately with a Windows 7 network it is not able to
recognize an Apple computer. They state also that they have more options and
colors to offer on their computers. Well on options yes you do have them beat
there. But in colors you have to admit that an Apple computer looks good. Just
google any price for a Sony Vaio. And you are paying an arm and leg for their
computer line. And the price hike has to do basically because their computers
have a blu-ray player on their computers and you know they are pretty


PC now says that they can make movies easily. Really! Apple
computers are built to handle the movie making option and it comes free with
your computer. With a PC you have to install the movie making software and that
usually runs up the price of the computer.  Those are just a taste of what they offer. But it is good now
that the PC is finally fighting back while Apple just sits back and just laughs
all the way to the bank. 

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  • Is this article serious or a big joke?

  • A couple comments about your factless editorial.

    Regarding the Zune vs iPod, do you happen to have any marketshare numbers or are you just speaking out of your ass? Have you ever used any generation of the Zune devices?

    Regarding software check boxes and feature comparison, software bundles, etc., what software are you talking about? Macs can come with their own productivity suite provided the user buys it. The same goes with any Windows computer, though the price point and feature set are different (eg: MS Office is more powerful, more complete and therefore more expensive).

    In order for a Windows PC to "notice" a Mac, the Mac has to turn on Samba. It's really just a few clicks to do that. Do you own a Mac or do you not know how to traverse System Preferences?

    Price vs features vs whatever. Please provide a line by line breakdown comparing a high end PC such as an Alienware laptop vs an HP Envy series vs a Macbook. You'll see that nearly every time, the Mac is less powerful and more expensive. Color preference is subjective.

    Windows computers since XP have come with Windows Movie Maker. There is a newer version in beta that is part of the MSN suite whichis available for any PC for free.

    A few things to consider in the future:
    1. Do some research.
    2. Don't quit your day job.

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