New Must Have Items for Christmas


Happy Monday to all, hope your week starts out well. And if starts out bad. There is no other way to go, but up. Now we all know that the Christmas season is approaching us and if you are a smart shopper you will be ahead of the rest. And start making your list now. Or if your one of the many who wait until black Friday to get in on the savings then be prepared.

I'm going to be talking about some of the items that will be the hot items on everyone's Christmas lists. First and foremost if you didn't hear last week Sony finally announced what they were going to be doing with their new items the Playstation Move controller and the PS3 Eye cam. Well as I first said on my blog about the new items announced at the conference they would be bundling the controller and the camera in with the console and the wireless controller. And another thing that was upgraded in this new machine is that they will expand the hard drive on this machine to 320 GB they will also include the Sports Champions game which is Sony's answer to Nintendo Wii Resort games. And the final price on these items is $400 plus taxes. Now they did make a slimmer and lighter version that has a 160 GB hard drive and a wireless controller. That version will run you for $300. So it all depends on what you want to buy? Are you willing to spend an extra $100 dollars for a bigger hard drive and accessories, and if you own a PS3 are you going to buy the accessories to make your own bundle? Your choice guys!

 We all know how much of a war there is between Guitar Hero and Rock Band to get the best tracks on their games. Well as we all know they are going to be coming out with a new version in the next couple months. And the play lists to the following games makes you think what version do I want? Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock has the following artists on its game, Fall Out Boy with Dance Dance, Linkin Park with Bleed it out, Muse with Uprising, Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody a classic if I say so myself, and The Cure. Now Rock Band matches them pound for pound. For us the Latin American Rockers out there they got some songs for us. They have Juanes with Cuando Me Enamora and Mana with Oye Mi Amor. They also have the George Lopez theme song Low Rider by War, Smash Mouth with Walkin on the Sun, and Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, Joan Jett with I love Rock and Roll, The Cure with Just like Heaven.

Think of this as a little preview of what the kids will be like asking for this Christmas. So when the kids come up to you and say Mommy and Daddy I want this for Christmas, you will know ahead of time what they are talking about and not be like why do you want that? So good luck to all who are preparing their Christmas lists in August. You can never be too prepared. 




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