Hack an iphone? Not me

How is everyone doing on this Wednesday, hope everyone wakes
up and has a fabulous day. Everyday is a new day. And may bigger and better
days come for you. Well onto the business of today.

We all have seen how the iPhone has taken over the phone
industry, and that if you wanted to bring the phone to another phone network,
you would have had to pay a hefty price to pay for an unlocked phone. But not
anymore my friends, word came out last week that the Library of Congress has
made the decision to say if you want to hack into your iPhone or any
smartphone, you are free to do so. According to the site jailbreakme, you need
to able to access the site right on your iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G or iPad using the
browser on these devices.

While everyone is happy and giddy that they are able to hack
into their iPhones, be warned that if you are able to do the job of hacking
into the phone. Apple has advised that if you do damage to the phone. You
forfeit your warranty on said phone. So basically like they used to tell us kids
when we went to a store that had very precious things, if you break it, you buy
it.  And then also you run into
security problems, instable OS. But even after being advised of what might
happen there was a lot of traffic on the site.

Maybe it is just me, but I am not a risk taker or how they
say you don't have the cajones to do this. But my thing is this. If you hack
into your phone there is a good chance that you can break it and no longer able
to use. I prefer to keep my phone running the way it is supposed to.

So be aware that you proceed at your own risk if you want to
hack into your iPhone. But you won't see me downloading this program on my
phone. Good luck to all who go ahead with this. 

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