Garminfone review


Happy Friday to all, hope you start of the weekend right and
safe.  As you may have read from my
previous post, I wrote about whether it was right to mount a LCD or plasma TV
on the wall of your apartment? Today's topic will be something for any user of
T-Mobile might find useful.

If you are a current T-Mobile customer and are looking to
upgrade to a newer phone, this phone that I am going to be talking about might
be something you might consider. The phone that I am going to talk about is the
new Android phone called the Garminfone. Yes you heard that right Garmin is
getting into the cell phone business. They have created a phone that comes with
pre-loaded maps that you can just mount in your car and you can have a GPS and
phone all in one.  Some of the features
on this phone are not enticing. But with anything in life the price will make
attractive to anyone.

The features are as follows the phone has a 3 mega-pixel
camera with a 4x digital zoom with flash on the cell-phone that is not very
attractive, because most of the phones on the market at this time have a 5
mega-pixel camera. This feature will not entice you, to go buy the phone.  You can expand the memory on the phone
for up to 32 GB via the Micro SD slot on the phone. But to start out first it
comes with a 2GB micro SD card. Almost all of the Android phones on the market
have the chance to expand for extra memory via the Micro SD slot. You also get
Wi-Fi on the phone, which you can use to navigate the Internet. Now since it is
an Android phone you have the Android market at your disposal meaning that you
can download any of the App's that the market offers. The programs that it
comes with is the Real time traffic which I think is very useful for people
that are caught in rush hour, Weather which I don't see a use for really, just
look out the window and bam you see the weather. Ha-ha! Flight status if you
are going on a trip and want to see if your flight is on time, Gas Prices where
you see who has the latest gas prices and who has the lowest price near you. 

It has a 3.5-inch touch screen; the weight is about the same
as the iPhone. As we all know any phone on that comes out on market will be
compared to the iPhone. It has on-screen and voice directions for those people
who get lost easily. No but really if you want to compare this phone to the
iPhone. I would say that these app's that come pre-loaded on the phone is a big
boost to them. Because for us iPhone users know that we would have to download
the App and it cost's like a GPS itself. So I applaud Garmin on this.  It also includes Bluetooth. You can
also access your personal and work email on the phone.

Now after reading most of the features on this phone, you
might say to yourself "how much is it"? Well would you believe that you could
pay only a signal penny for it! Yes you heard that right. One cent and it is
yours. You have to purchase it with Amazon. All you have to do is to sign a
contract with T-Mobile. But honestly for that price, I would do it. I mean it
is not a phone that wow's the crowd. But for the price and what it has, I would
buy it. Of course I would have to be a T-Mobile customer. But will you? 

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