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Happy Friday to everyone out there, today's topic will be very useful for any school administrator out there to students. As we all know that most schools have already started or about to start within a week or two. And you will be getting a ton of books. Yet there might be a solution for you.

We all know how school districts, colleges and universities are finding ways to save money. As are any student out there who needs to buy their own books, and doesn't want to spend a ton for books that are only good for one year and then when you try selling it back to school they only offer you like 90% off from the price that you bought it for. That is why most college or university students stay away from selling their books back to the school.

So the solution that I will offer for any school official to student that doesn't want to carry around a ton of books in his or her backpack. The solution is pretty simple and it is a product that is out right now. An iPad is very useful for that function. You can download any textbook right to your iPad and you don't have to be carrying 4 to 5 books at a time. The iPad is very light you can carry it in one hand or you can carry it in your backpack and you won't be hurting your back. Now you might be saying well it is pretty expensive. Which is very true. But take into account, what you pay for new textbooks at your bookstore. It could run you for about the same price of an iPad.

Most colleges and universities are offering the iPad to any incoming freshmen. But I think that they should make it available to any student that is at the school. But the idea behind only offering it to incoming freshmen is because they can keep the iPad if they pass at least 2 years of school. And if they don't then you would have to return it back to school.

Plus if any school official or parent that thinks that this could take the student away from his studies. The iPad just the hot item right now that is making reading cool again. And it just benefits the student and the administrator in so many ways. One there is no chance that the student will lose the iPad. I almost guarantee any school official that they will be guarding said item with their lives. Think back to when you had your Ipod and you had so many songs that mean so much to that person and the moment that you lose it. I would see a lot of people either mad at themselves or starting to cry.

So it is a win-win situation for everyone is this, so if any school official is reading this. I would highly recommend this product you and your students. But we all know that would have to go thru a lot of people to get this product into the student's hands. So hopefully every school in the U.S. has this option. 



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