99 cents to rent a show?


Happy Monday to everyone, another start to another week. as we all know there has been some talk of new things coming out from Apple. And there should be some announcements coming out this September 1st. There are a ton of rumors floating around the Internet of what the announcement will be all about.

There is one rumor that is gaining some steam and it seems to become true is the one that Apple will be making all TV shows available on iTunes for rent for 99 cents. Now many times I would agree with any product that Apple product puts out. But they have had some failures like the Apple TV, which Apple has stated that this product was just a hobby of theirs. Almost like saying we didn't have much passion to do this product. I didn't agree with the iPad and I have stated on times that the iPad looked like a bigger version of the iPhone minus the making of phone calls to individuals. And then there is the Macbook Air that is a very thin laptop that doesn't have a CD/DVD drive because Apple said that you the consumer could just download anything wirelessly. Which I don't believe is true.

So now the idea of renting TV shows for 99 cents doesn't make any sense. You might ask why not? Well first and foremost. Why get a show for 99 cents when you can only go online on HULU and download the same program for free. But there is also talk that HULU will be charging for their service. So if somehow both the iTunes store and HULU start charging for you to watch TV shows, then what else is available for you? Well old reliable is still available and that is Youtube. Now many of the TV networks will axe any shows that any regular person will post online. But there some shows putting their own channel on YouTube where you can watch any show that they have made online.

All Apple has to do is to just negotiate with the Networks to see if the price of 99 cents will work with all people involved in the process. But I think that it could work. Because there was talk from some authors when the iPad was going to be introduced that they didn't want to lower the price on a book just because it is digital, but yet they negotiated and now the iPad is one of the best selling e-readers on the market. So maybe this could be a good thing for the TV networks and iTunes? We will see what happens. 



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  • Hulu is going to charge for its content too. This is a waste of money. Most if not all the shows are already available for free. I get my TV via Internet from a program at LiveTVworldwide.com. After using this, I have no reason to use Hulu or 99 cent rent-a-shows.

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