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Technology too good?

Good day to everyone. It is Wednesday, happy hump day to all. And we start another month boy how August flew right by. So now we start September and it is getting closer to fall. Today’s topic will be an interesting one that I am going to be covering today. It is going to be... Read more »

99 cents to rent a show?

  Happy Monday to everyone, another start to another week. as we all know there has been some talk of new things coming out from Apple. And there should be some announcements coming out this September 1st. There are a ton of rumors floating around the Internet of what the announcement will be all about.... Read more »

A nice addition to any school

  Happy Friday to everyone out there, today’s topic will be very useful for any school administrator out there to students. As we all know that most schools have already started or about to start within a week or two. And you will be getting a ton of books. Yet there might be a solution... Read more »

Want to get noticed?

  Happy Wednesday to everybody today is hump day to all. It’s almost the weekend. So today’s topic will be about a little topic that I have been against for some time and maybe this could sway me to be in favor of this. Nah! But I will write about it. Because there is a... Read more »

New Must Have Items for Christmas

  Happy Monday to all, hope your week starts out well. And if starts out bad. There is no other way to go, but up. Now we all know that the Christmas season is approaching us and if you are a smart shopper you will be ahead of the rest. And start making your list... Read more »

Garminfone review

Happy Friday to all, hope you start of the weekend right and safe.  As you may have read from my previous post, I wrote about whether it was right to mount a LCD or plasma TV on the wall of your apartment? Today’s topic will be something for any user of T-Mobile might find useful.... Read more »

To mount or not to mount?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there, today is hump day for all. After today the week should be a breeze and easy to get to the weekend, today’s blog will be all about something that everyone who is renting or about to sell your house might be considering. Now we all know that the age... Read more »

PC vs Mac continues

Hey guys happy Monday to all, hope everyone spent a very nice weekend. If everyone who has watched television these commercials might have noticed the hilarious commercials that Apple came out with in their war of Apple versus PC. They were very funny ads because those situations that the PC and Mac always debated about... Read more »

School Checklist

Happy Friday to all, hope you are surviving this hot weather that we are experiencing here in Chicago. Hope you are reading this in a nice AC place where your not dripping sweat on your keyboard.  Onto today’s topic, we all know that schools are starting in a couple weeks all over the US. And... Read more »

Sequel better than the Original?

Happy Wednesday to all, or also known as happy hump day. Well everyone who has followed my blog has read that I did a review on the Blackberry Torch and that I was not a fan of. But now there is a new phone entering the arena and it again is more competition for the... Read more »