Which processor is best for you?


Happy Friday Guys, the weekend is here. Hope you all enjoy
yourselves this weekend and be safe. Now onto the business at hand, we all know
that retail stores are preparing themselves for the upcoming school year, from
high school to college students must be getting ready for the school year. Now
many students could be in the market for a laptop. So this blog goes out to all
the students and their parents.

Now I am not going to be talking about a specific laptop. I
will be talking about the processor in the laptop. The processor is basically
the engine that makes the computer go. If you look at the sales paper and see
the different laptops on the market you will see that they have different
processors. Well I am here to help you out in that aspect of the computer
buying process so you don't look lost and you don't buy a lemon of a laptop,
that you could return within a couple days or week.

You might see an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor in a
laptop that has a low price. Now I will say this about both of these
processors. Even though you think you are getting great deal on this laptop
with one these processors. One thing you have to consider when you see one of
these machines. Is that these processors are used only of the most basic usage.  If you just want to go on the Internet
and doing your basic word processing then this laptop is for you.

But let's say this you have the computer with one of the
processors that I mentioned above, but now you want to take video and edit on
your laptop or you want to create some music on your computer. Or are you going
to have more than one program open at one time. Well if you go with one of the
computers with the processors from above, that could slow you're your computer.
And then you will have a headache with the laptop. Well you are not going to be
able to do that on your basic computer. You will need to look at one of the
better processors for doing those functions. And I will introduce you to these
better processors.

Intel has a variety of processors that offer you the
flexibility to do more stuff. They have an Intel Core i3 processor this is the
starting point of the good processors. Then you work yourself up to the Intel
Core i5 processor and then the grand daddy of them all, there are 2 processors
that blow the rest out of the water the Intel Core i7 and the Intel Core i7
extreme edition these are basically the processors if your student or if you
are a big time gamer on your laptop, or if you are concentrating on a lot of
graphics to be run on your computer. Then you can go with these processors.
Even though that you might see that the laptop is a bit expensive, but it gives
you a lot of flexibility not just for now, for the future.

Now my recommendation would be either an Intel Core i3 or
Intel Core i5 processor. The laptop with this processor will not be too cheap
nor will it be too expensive. So it is a smart purchase. I hope this advice
helps you out on your journey on purchasing a new laptop or new desktop. 

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