Touch screen Blackberry??


Happy Wednesday to all, or also known as happy hump day. We
all have seen these phones in people's hands and you can say sometimes that it
is very addicting. Well you can probably say that about any phone on the market
now. But this phone got it's own nickname. It seems that this phone is losing
popularity in the business world.

You might be saying what phone are you talking about? Many
may know by the clues that I revealed above, addicting, nickname, and business
world. Well if you don't know it is the famous blackberry phone or the company
that created the phone that is also known as Research In Motion aka RIM. It
seems that with the popularity with the iPhone and the Android phone that the
Blackberry is losing the grasp it had in the corporate world. We all know that
the Blackberry was also known as the "crackberry". It was referred as this
because it was known that many of the corporate associates in the US and beyond
they would take their phones on their vacations or they would go to sleep
checking on their Emails, and many times the phone would take away time from
the family.

But now there are 2 new contenders that will take away the
thrill from the Blackberry. The iPhone is very easy to use and there is a ton
of App's that are available the Android phone is gaining popularity as well,
the same things as the iPhone they have a ton of App's available and they are
reliable phones. The problem that the Blackberry has is that they have not
changed the design of the phone; the phone has remained the same all through
out the years. There was a change some time back that T-Mobile offered a
Blackberry phone that was a flip phone but I don't think that it was very
popular. And plus the flip phone during the time when T-Mobile launched
Blackberry's version was out style.

I think they did have a good idea in offering a flip phone
that was a Blackberry but it was a little late. But now in these times that every phone on the market is
offering a touch screen. I think the way to go is for RIM to offer a touch
screen Blackberry. I think that if they offer a new OS that is able to work on
the touch screen phone then they should be fine.

All RIM is saying is that they will only be launching a new
OS for their phones. But I think they need to step out of their safety zone and
go a little wild. What I'm trying to say is this, yes your company made tons of
money with the phone as it is right now. But what if we offer a touch screen
that is able to beat the iPhone and the Android phone. 

So all in all I think that if Blackberry is able to create a
touch screen phone they should be fine. But if they stand pat with what got
them there. They might become extinct. Take my advice RIM and Blackberry. 

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  • I'm not sure if this article is several years old or what.. but uh.. Blackberry has had SEVERAL touchscreen models out, since almost two years ago. The Blackberry Storm 9530, and the StormII 9550. These devices we're exclusive to Verizon, and were pretty popular, despite some poor screen functionality and user frustration.

    There is a Blackberry/ATT conference next Tuesday to discuss the new touchscreen/slider Blackberry 9800, and it's release for the ATT customer base. This will be Blackberry's 3rd attempt at a touchscreen.

    If you're going to write a public blog/article, at least understand what you're talking about.

  • I want to offer my deepest apologies dbornack I am aware that verizon had the Blackberry Storm series. And I don't doubt that this was a popular phone. But what I was referring to was that many corporate honchos were not using these types of phones but the original series Blackberry during that time. Now more of these suits are using the iPhone and Android phones. And that is why I said maybe they should get involved into a touch screen series phone that is like the iPhone and Android phones. And if what you are telling me about AT&T and Blackberry uniting for a touchscreen phone then maybe 3rd time is the charm

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