I Want my white iPhone 4 now!

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Happy Monday to all, hope this week goes by fast and better
than the Friday and Saturday night that we all had, where if you weren't in
Chicago or in the Midwest of the US some areas got flooded and lost a lot of
precious merchandise. But those things can be replaced what can't be replaced
is human life. So brighter days are ahead.

Let's get to today's topic a lot of the people that have
read my blog are aware that some of my blogs have talked about the iPhone 4.
And the up and down reviews that the phone has received, but today is not about
how good or the benefits of the phone has anyone wondered why isn't the white
iPhone 4 available yet? They made the announcement when the iPhone 4 was
launched that the white iPhone 4 was going to be available towards the final
days of July but they have pushed back the release of the phone.

Now many are left to wonder why? Well I do have some
theories to why they have pushed back the launch date. If you have read my past
blogs of the iPhone 4 you will know what I am talking about. It is to my belief
that since the news that the black iPhone 4 had antenna problems and many
people wanted to return their phones. Maybe they want to fully get this white
iPhone 4 working correctly, so it won't lose any reception if you hold it a
certain way.

There are analysts out there that say that the white iPhone
4 is very popular which is hard to believe. And they say that they can't the
parts of the phone quickly to make them as fast as possible. The parts being
the white type of glass that goes on the back of the phone. They have to
convert it to a white color; the workers making the phone might be having
problems converting the glass to white color.

We will see when this precious phone will launch. All the
people who have pre-ordered their phone, they are okay. They will get their
phones as soon as they are launched. So don't worry guys. But if you are
waiting for the phone to come out and haven't ordered the phone I will say if
what the analysts say is true. Then you might find a long line when the phone
is released. 


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