Facebook takes over!

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We all have come across with Facebook. Some started using
Facebook when it was only exclusive only to college students. But now it is a
worldwide sensation in which everyone can use the site, I don't even think that
Mark Zuckerberg who was the mastermind behind Facebook thought that his
creation would be this popular, he started this little site in his Harvard dorm
room and look at him now.

As I was mentioning it has become a worldwide sensation. It
is growing at a fast pace for example here are some figures to take into
account, 15 months ago there were 200 million users of Facebook and now
Facebook has 500 million users. 
There are 8 million users in Brazil and India has 28 million users.  It is only a matter of time before it
reaches one billion users. And that would be astounding.

Everywhere you go more and more people are using Facebook
taking over the once popular Myspace. I bet if you ask 10 people that more than
50% of those people will have a Facebook account. The company that feels most
threatened is Google. For example they feel that if you are on Facebook you
don't go to do a search on Google, take into account any one who posts a
article they came across online they will have a link where you can post it on
Facebook. So now you post it on your Facebook wall and now the other users on
your account can access the web page and view it without even doing a search on
Google. Another of the many reasons that Google feels threatened by Facebook
for the simple fact of the many users that they have. Google can't even compete
on the level of Facebook. On Facebook they applications in which you can play
and interact with people at the same time. What does Google have? Nothing that
comes close to them.

Just 2 years ago Facebook was only available in English now
it is a worldwide phenomenon. They have had to translate the site into their
different languages. Almost 300,000 users helped out on the task of translating
the site. 

About 70% of the Facebook users are outside of the United
States. Mexico has 11 million users on Facebook and Germany has 19 million
users.  But not every country
embraces Facebook like for example China has blocked the website for so many

What will we see in the future? Will all countries around
the world be using Facebook, or will another person come around and surprise us
with a creation that will take us by surprise? We will see. 

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