E-Reader wars


Happy Monday to all, hope everyone's weekend was safe and
had fun. As we all know that any company that comes out with a product and has
all the bells and whistles there will always be a rival out there to match it
or beat it. Or if you come out with a product at a low price and everyone is
buying it, the rival will just come back and say well my product is lower than

If you have kept up with my blog, you have probably read how
there are E-Reader price wars between 3 companies to get the most possible
customers that they can. Word came out toward the end of last week that Amazon
had launched a brand new Kindle E-Reader that was brand new than its earlier model.
First and foremost everyone wants to know the price of this reader well the
Wifi version will cost $139 and they will have an E-reader that will have 3G
and that will cost $189 you will need to use the AT&T 3G network just like
the previous version. It will come in 2 colors, graphite and white. The storage
capacity on these models has gone up from the 2 previous versions; it is up to
4GB, it's somewhat smaller in size and lighter in weight. The only draw back
that many have said that it holds these readers to be popular is that the
content has to be read in black and white, no color is ever present in this

So then that meant so if Amazon is going to offer this then
the Barnes & Noble Nook has to be lower in price and easier to sell. One
big advantage that they have is that they can offer their E-Reader in Barnes
and Noble stores and they also have them available in Target stores. That is
very big advantage because with the Amazon Kindle you just have to go with word
of mouth. Now with the Nook they are doing a lot of promotion of work at their
stores, they have set up a section in the store so you can get a first hand
look and trying out the machine. They also have 2 versions of the reader one
with Wifi only and that costs $149 and they have one with wifi and 3G and that
costs $199. Now with the wifi that is included on these machines you can go to
any Barnes & Noble and look at any of there book selections in the store
without paying a dime. Just like if you were in the store looking to buy an
actual book, you can get a glance at it before buying it. And also this device
has the screen images in black and white and not in color.

And that leaves us with the iPad that offers you more than
the others I presented. But it does cost more money. First and foremost if you
want to have a wifi version of this machine you have a selection to choose from.
Meaning that you can select how big of a size of memory on the machine you
want. For example the $499 version of the iPad offers only wifi and it comes
with 16GB of storage. And then it goes up from that version, you with a 32GB
and a 64GB version and then the price goes up from there. They also have a wifi
and 3G versions that come together and that starting price on the machine is at
$629 for a 16GB version and then it goes up. The reason that it is popular even
though it has a hefty price tag. It is because it does a little more than the
others. It can go online and surf the net, it has a color display, and you can
also view photos on the machine.

So if you are cost conscious on what you want to buy, then I
would recommend a Nook or Kindle E-reader. But if you don't care how much it
costs then I would tell you to go with the iPad. All the machines that I have
mentioned are good there is no doubt about it. But it is just a matter of how
much do you want to spend on the machine. 

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