Don't buy an iPhone 4

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Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to all, we all have seen on the
news, in the newspaper or on the Internet on how people were going wild over to
get their hands on the new iPhone 4. Now comes word that the most trusted
publication is saying to stay away from the iPhone 4.

You might say what publication is this? Well the publication
is Consumer Reports. With Consumer Reports they did all the tests you could do
on a phone.  And they came with the
conclusion that they can't recommend the iPhone 4. We all have heard that the
phone has a reception problem. Whenever you grab the phone in a certain way,
you are going to lose reception. If you grab the top left side of the phone you
will lose bars on your phone.

They purchased 3 different phones in New York at 3 different
stores. They were in a room with lots of signal in the room. And they noticed
the iPhone 4 loses signal, compared that to the previous version the iPhone 3GS
and the Palm Pre and they didn't lose signal. So the problem is the iPhone 4.  They do have a remedy to the problem if
you already own the phone if you want to try it but I don't think that you
will. They do say to wrap some duct tape around the left side of the phone. And
you will not lose signal that way.  They are going to try to put a case on the phone and see if
that works. They will then update their site when they finish that test. And I
will post the results when that happens.

But here is just some advice to the millions and millions that
waited in line, many waited while there was a storm going on, but they are the
only ones on their block that got their hands on, So let me advise you guys first
and foremost don't ever buy a phone from Apple when it is released. Because more
often you are going to run into problems, and it always better to wait until
they fix the problem with the newly released phone. And it is better to wait
for the second phone, and you are less likely to run into problems.

Or just simply, if you have an iPhone 3GS, just update your
phone. I mean there are a lot of people who have said not to update it. But
from my experience I have not run into any problems. Only thing you need to do
is back up all your contacts and info that you have on your phone but other
than that you should be fine. 

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