Consumer Reports = Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Happy Friday to everyone out there, well as many have read
Consumer Reports didn't recommend the iPhone 4 because of the antenna issues
that it has. And that it can't find a reason to buy the phone unless Apple
takes care of the antenna issues. Well as I was writing my blog this past
Wednesday came late breaking news. That I find very baffling.


Well now comes word that the iPhone 4 is a top choice for a
smartphone. The iPhone 4 racked up 76 out of 100 points the next in line is the
iPhone 3GS and then the new HTC EVO 4G from Sprint which both garnered 74
points. Now this is very confusing almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One day
you state that you can't recommend or find a reason to buy this phone and then
the next day you state that it is a highly recommendable phone.

They do state that the display, navigation, web browsing,
multimedia, and battery life are excellent. The making of phone calls and
messaging are very good and voice quality also is very good.  But I don't know how from doing all
these tests that they have performed they can come up with the conclusion that
you can't recommend it or see a reason to buy the phone. I mean if you state
from the other tests that you have performed everything is very excellent. But
just on the issue of the antenna that drops the phone from a recommendation.

Who knows what Consumer Reports will say tomorrow, maybe
they will say that the iPhone 4 is the next greatest smartphone on the market.
But still can't recommend the phone. For people who gather their information
from Consumer Reports, to see what items they should buy. Are really confused.
That is why it is better to get word of mouth from friends, family. They are
the ones who will tell you the truth, and they tell you what to buy, what not
to buy.

So if you want to get your hands on this phone. Go ahead
there area chances that the problems could be resolved. But it might be a
little bit more recommendable that you wait until the next update comes out for
this phone. Good luck on your journey on getting this phone. 


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