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Happy Friday to all, Have a safe weekend. First and foremost
I want to offer an apology to anyone who read my blog this Wednesday and
advised me that Blackberry had a touch screen phone called the Storm. And I
want to say I do remember this phone. So on my part I say sorry. But maybe
reason behind I didn't recall the Storm phone was because when I said that
corporate honchos the majority of them would only go with the original
Blackberry. And I was just hoping that since they have been passed in popularity
by Apple and Google and HTC they need to come out with a phone that gets
everyone to go out and want to buy one, Now onto today's topic.

Apple on Tuesday came out a new line of computers and
devices that make any user of an Apple computer go gaga over. First they
launched a new iMac line of computers, if you go on their website you will see
the same design of the computer. You might say what is the big difference? Well
they have upgraded the processor on their computers. Like I mentioned on one of
my past blogs this week of which processor is best for you? Well Apple has
upgraded their line of iMac computers with Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors.
Which make this computer faster then its predecessor.  They also include faster graphic cards on their line of computers.
It's just a matter of how fast do you want your computer to go. It also
includes the keyboard and the Magic Mouse.

Another thing that they launched was the Magic Trackpad; you
might say what does that do. Well what it does it this, if you own an Apple
laptop or iPhone you know that you can do gestures on the phone or your
computer to focus in on an image or document. Well now you can attach the Magic
Trackpad to any computer that has Bluetooth on it to be able to work and you
must be running Mac OSX v10.6.4 or later.

And then the monster of all monsters of the Apple desktop
line the Mac Pro, all of us who have seen this computer are just amazed at how
big and how much hardware you are able to install on this computer. Well now
you have the option of having of how fast you want this computer to go. You
have the option to go with 4 quad, 6 quad, 8 quad or 12 quads of processor
power. Which in my eyes is very ridiculous. Then the graphics card on the basic
machines is 1Gb that just makes the graphics on the computer to run smoothly. Then
you can also go crazy on the different hard drives that you can install on the
computer is insane. You can go as high as 8 TB. This just means for any casual
user of a computer that the Terra Byte is higher than the Giga Byte.  But I will say this to any regular user.
You are okay with the computer you have right now. It is just that this
computer is designed for the Pro Artist, who does his own music, own
photographs, or edits video on their computers.

But all in all these are nice products that needed an
upgrade. It won't go to the level of the iPhone or iPad, but there are going to
be some people looking for these new devices. So if you're looking for a new
toy to play with there is some additions to your list. 

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