Apple treated fairly?

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Happy Wednesday to all, hope your week is going well, and I
know that all of you guys can't wait for the weekend to be here. Now today's
topic is going to be an interesting one that I found very interesting. Now we
all know what has happened with Apple and their issues with the antenna gate.
We all have heard that people called out for the recall of the iPhone 4 and to
offer free bumpers or cases to customers who bought the prestigious phone.

Now the question that I ask all of you guys to think about
it is this. Is Apple as a company being treated more harshly then other
companies? The reason I ask this question is this. Like Steve Jobs has said
losing signal with any phone can happen with any phone on any network. So now
since Apple released the phone and the people who rushed out to get the phone,
they noticed this defect on the phone, immediately the newspapers cascaded this
company for an error on a phone that could happen on any phone.  Steve Jobs did also say that the iPhone
4 has not gotten a lot of returns, comparing the iPhone 3GS, which got a little
more returns, because customers were not satisfied with their phones.

Now Kurt the cyber guy on WGN asked this question on his
website. Is Apple being treated differently for this defect? So I decided to
write about it. Because if you take into account if this is the number 1
company on tech stuff, they as a company will find rivals wanting to bring down
this company at any cost. I believe that if you are on the top of the mountain,
you will find enemies left and right. Wanting to bring you down. And right here
we have a situation where Apple must fix this problem since it has the whole
wide world watching what they do with this phone. But also just keep doing what
you did to become the top tech company.

The question I ask is this, where was the media when
Microsoft's creation the KIN only lasted on the market for a little less than 2
months. No one was questioning "Why did this phone last so little time on the
market?" "What were the reasons?" Many were led to believe that they did this
because the phone was a total failure and they also want to concentrate on the
their new creation coming out soon which is the Windows 7 phone. But no one
posed the questions that I asked right now. We are just left to just guess the
goings on.

I do think that Apple could lose some customers but not to
the extent that the rivals are waiting for. And there are other smarthphones
for the people who are not satisfied with their iPhone's. So what do you guys
think? Are they being treated fairly in this antennagate episode? 

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