Apple has been humbled

Apple has been humbled
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Hey guys! Happy Monday to all, if you are in Chicago you
have survived another weekend that was a hot weekend. So now onto today's
topic, now we all have heard or seen the footage of how Apple has a crisis on
its hands with what's called the antenna gate.

If you have read my past posts, you probably know that
Consumer Reports had stated on it's own blog on their website, that they
couldn't find a way to recommend the iPhone 4. Just for the simple fact that if
you hold the phone a certain way that you would lose reception on your phone.
And then Apple had stated various things to combat the reception problem, they
had said just don't hold the phone the way that loses reception, and Apple also
offered a special bumper to combat the reception problem but the thing that
bugged most people out there was that the bumper cost 30 dollars and by the
looks of the bumper it looks like something that could be offered for free or
sold for a dollar, and Consumer Reports had stated that any person who has this
problem they could just put a piece of duct tape on the area that loses
reception and you should be fine. But honestly who would want to put a piece of
duct tape on a phone that was expensive and make it look like a creation that MacGyver
would make.

Now this past Friday, Steve Jobs called a press conference
at their headquarters in Cupertino, Ca. Usually when Apple calls a press
conference. It is either to make a grand announcement about a new product
coming out on the market. But this was not that kind of press conference. It
was a press conference that almost seemed like a little kid making a confession
to a grown up, when in reality he doesn't want to make a confession.

Apple felt the pressure from everywhere people saying that
they should just call for a recall of all the iPhone 4's out on the market.
Steve Jobs made an announcement stating that Apple as a company are not
perfect, and that phones are not perfect. So he stated that if anyone who wants
to return their phone they could, and they could get a refund for their phone.
But you still get to keep the 2-year contract. Now if you buy a phone in these
coming days you will receive the bumper or a case for free with your purchase
of the iPhone 4.

We all know that the rivals of the iPhone are salivating
over this chance that has presented to them. Apple the great company that could
not be conquered now can now take some customers who are not happy with their
iPhone's. So if you are in that predicament right now. You have options you can
go with a more reliable Droid X from Verizon, HTC EVO from Sprint. But if you
want to stick around with the iPhone my advice to you is this. Just wait it
out. Wait until they work out all the kinks out of the first generation of whatever
device Apple comes out with and go with the second generation. 

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