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E-Reader wars

Happy Monday to all, hope everyone’s weekend was safe and had fun. As we all know that any company that comes out with a product and has all the bells and whistles there will always be a rival out there to match it or beat it. Or if you come out with a product at... Read more »

Christmas list grows

Happy Friday to all, Have a safe weekend. First and foremost I want to offer an apology to anyone who read my blog this Wednesday and advised me that Blackberry had a touch screen phone called the Storm. And I want to say I do remember this phone. So on my part I say sorry.... Read more »

Touch screen Blackberry??

Happy Wednesday to all, or also known as happy hump day. We all have seen these phones in people’s hands and you can say sometimes that it is very addicting. Well you can probably say that about any phone on the market now. But this phone got it’s own nickname. It seems that this phone... Read more »

I Want my white iPhone 4 now!

Happy Monday to all, hope this week goes by fast and better than the Friday and Saturday night that we all had, where if you weren’t in Chicago or in the Midwest of the US some areas got flooded and lost a lot of precious merchandise. But those things can be replaced what can’t be... Read more »

Which processor is best for you?

Happy Friday Guys, the weekend is here. Hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend and be safe. Now onto the business at hand, we all know that retail stores are preparing themselves for the upcoming school year, from high school to college students must be getting ready for the school year. Now many students could... Read more »

Apple treated fairly?

Happy Wednesday to all, hope your week is going well, and I know that all of you guys can’t wait for the weekend to be here. Now today’s topic is going to be an interesting one that I found very interesting. Now we all know what has happened with Apple and their issues with the... Read more »

Apple has been humbled

Apple has been humbled
Hey guys! Happy Monday to all, if you are in Chicago you have survived another weekend that was a hot weekend. So now onto today’s topic, now we all have heard or seen the footage of how Apple has a crisis on its hands with what’s called the antenna gate. If you have read my... Read more »

Consumer Reports = Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Happy Friday to everyone out there, well as many have read Consumer Reports didn’t recommend the iPhone 4 because of the antenna issues that it has. And that it can’t find a reason to buy the phone unless Apple takes care of the antenna issues. Well as I was writing my blog this past Wednesday... Read more »

Don't buy an iPhone 4

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to all, we all have seen on the news, in the newspaper or on the Internet on how people were going wild over to get their hands on the new iPhone 4. Now comes word that the most trusted publication is saying to stay away from the iPhone 4. You might... Read more »

Facebook takes over!

We all have come across with Facebook. Some started using Facebook when it was only exclusive only to college students. But now it is a worldwide sensation in which everyone can use the site, I don’t even think that Mark Zuckerberg who was the mastermind behind Facebook thought that his creation would be this popular,... Read more »