Will you buy me please?

Remember on one of my past blogs that I had mentioned that
when the iPad was launched that the company wanted to compete against Netbooks
and E-readers. They have taken it to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  They have sold close to 2 million iPads
in 2 months. And then came word from Steve Jobs, at the launch of the iPhone 4,
that iPad owners have downloaded 5 million books in the last 2 months. Which is
very astounding news.  That it
could dominate in 2 fronts in the selling of the device and the downloading of
material. But take into consideration that this is the Mighty Apple Company
that dominates in anything that it does.

That news couldn't have been good news to the owners of the
E-reader companies on the market. So they did the next good thing they could
do. And lower the prices on their E-readers.  Barnes and Noble lowered the price on their recently
released Nook e-reader to $199; it was originally at $259, so a $60 dollar
drop.  They also announced that
they were releasing a new nook in which would be priced at $149 this e-reader
can connect over Wifi, so you can download the books that you want over a wifi
network. Then Amazon not to be left behind dropped the price on their Amazon
Kindle to $189 below the price of the Nook.

 There is another company that has not mentioned with these
two companies and has been out on the market for some time. And that is another
might company Sony. Sony has its start up version which a pocketbook e-reader
which starts out at $169 it lacks a wireless connection, which could mean that
in some time they will lower the price on their e-reader. They do have other
models available a touch version at $199 and a $349 Internet connected version
not wireless.

 They have done upgrades to their e-readers for example
Barnes and Noble Nook allows you to read entire e-books at their stores, and
you can also let a friend borrow your e-book file for 2 weeks.  Nook owners also have free access on
their AT&T wifi network.

 Now you might
be asking why would people go for the iPad and not with the lower priced
e-readers? Well for one the display is in color, as compared with the other
devices they are in black and white. And they are not as versatile as the iPad,
which can be used in other functions other than just an e-reader. And we all
know that when Steve Jobs launches products, it almost like the pied piper
blowing his flute and all of us follow his lead and go out and buy any product
that he is selling. As someone put it the man can sell ice to an Eskimo.

 In some time you will see a very affordable e-reader lower
than $100 dollars or could become extinct. Take into consideration how Apple
conquered the Mp3 market; there were a lot of Mp3 companies selling their Mp3
players and who has stood on top for a long time? Apple. So companies of the
e-reader maintain your existence and just give the public what they want and
you will live on. 

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