Things we might see from Apple?

Like I mentioned in one of my past blogs there was a mention making the rounds around the Internet via blogs, posts, that Apple would be releasing a brand new iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And there is also word that Steve Jobs would be making his speech or announcement during the night portion of the conference. Wouldn't it be funny if he announced this like one of presidential speeches and make it on prime time and with all the main networks covering the event? Like CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS. ABC. And also wouldn't be hilarious for everyone that has been following the posts, blogs on the Internet, and at this event the new iPhone that everyone is anticipating turns out to the a whole different version then the one we all have seen, with the frontal camera in the front of the phone so you can video conference with people over your Iphone.

Some other announcements are expected at this event. And one that is spread out there is there might be an upgrade to the powerhouse of a machine, that they call the MacPro. The MacPro has not seen an upgrade in some time and this would be the perfect scenario for Apple and Steve Jobs to present a brand new MacPro. Now they do have the new processors that Intel is promoting in their commercials called the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7. So that would just make it much more easier for them to install on the MacPro computer and show off how the processor works on this monster of a machine.

Also do you remember one of my post pasts saying the Google wanted to incorporate into some Sony Bravia TV's a computer chip. That would make you surf the Internet and search for programs using the computer chip that Google wants to install. Wouldn't it be easier to do battle with Google and announce that you have come up with a better alternative to the Google TV?

There most definitely will be an upgrade to the iTunes Store, a new version. You may ask why? Well since they will be launching a new version of the iPhone OS. Then would make the obvious choice to upgrade iTunes.

But we have to stay tuned to next week. When he makes the announcement. Apple might just throw us a curveball and not release any of the things I mentioned above. The way we never expected Apple to release a phone, the way we didn't expect them to release an MP3 player. But all in all we will be pleased by the announcement. And us techies will go gaga over it. 

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