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Apple is #1?

I may have said this some time back in one of my past blogs and it is still holding true. Apple sets the mark and no one can come close to what they have achieved. And you may ask what have they achieved? They are the top tech manufacturer at this time. Now just take... Read more »

Will you buy me please?

Remember on one of my past blogs that I had mentioned that when the iPad was launched that the company wanted to compete against Netbooks and E-readers. They have taken it to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  They have sold close to 2 million iPads in 2 months. And then came word from Steve Jobs,... Read more »

Droid X haunts iPhone 4?

Thursday was the big day for Apple and everyone waiting in line at various Apple stores. They might be right now just messing around with their iPhone 4’s and using the various upgrades from the iPhone 3gs. But as we all know there is always someone out there willing to beat you. And that does... Read more »

new thin computer

While I was busy reporting the news on the new video games coming out at E3 there was news on an upgrade on a computer system that most people dismiss it because it doesn’t offer the power of many of the other computers in their line of computers. But now they have upgraded a little... Read more »

free wifi!

We all know the saying that goes “if it’s free then it’s for me.” Well add another thing to the free things that we all love. We all have been to a Starbucks have we not? And we all know that at these Starbucks location you can surf the web. Before it was only if... Read more »

Free phones! I'm not lying.

First off I want to correct a little issue on my Monday blog I stated that by next week that the iPhone 4 would be available. What I should have said was that it will be available on June the 24th.  So it is my error, sorry guys. So now we move onto the business... Read more »

Get your lists ready

The last two days at E3 have been every gamers New Years Eve or Christmas all into one. So if you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual gamer. Or if you have son or daughter that will be asking you for any of the systems or games that I am going to profile... Read more »

iPhone in aisle 4

The day is getting closer to becoming a reality. By this time next week, some of many will have their hands on their new iPhone 4. I would like to go over some stuff that you might find useful for anyone that will want to get their hands on this prestigious phone, that is loved... Read more »

Iphone has a rival

Hey guys! Thanks for joining today’s end of the week blog. As many who read my last blog, I was raving about the iPhone and a friend said it was too pro iPhone and that there was a phone that was a whole lot better than the iPhone. And of course I was aware of... Read more »

New iPhone is here!

Word of what the next iPhone was going to be was seen by millions and millions on the net. When the engineer that was in charge of the product left the prototype in a bar. And then gizmodo got its hand on the product and posted pictures of the iPhone and many people around the... Read more »