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While I was busy reporting the news on the new video games
coming out at E3 there was news on an upgrade on a computer system that most
people dismiss it because it doesn't offer the power of many of the other
computers in their line of computers. But now they have upgraded a little
machine into something of a big time machine in a little body.

The computer that I am talking about is the Mac Mini
computer. Now I own that computer but the previous version that is running the
Tiger OS.  And for about 5 years
the computer has run pretty good. Never had any complaints about it. Other than
some sites, programs not being able to run because they run on the Windows OS.
But other than that I have no complaints.

We all know that when Apple first introduced this machine,
the big selling point was that you could use your old PC monitor and be able to
hook it up to a Mac mini. Now with upgrades that they have done with this
machine, they have included a Mini Display output to HDMI to DVI adapter so you
can connect any Apple Display to the computer or any 3rd party
display that you already have. They do also include like on their Macbook
laptops, they have incorporated a SD slot in the back of the machine. What that
means is that you can insert a SD card from your digital camera and transfer
any photos that you have taken on this SD card.

It comes with built in Wifi meaning that you can
automatically connect it to your wireless network.  It also has Bluetooth included meaning that you connect a
keyboard or mouse wirelessly.  Now
as may know you can customize the computer to your needs. Meaning if you are
not satisfied with what the standard machine has, you can upgrade it, but that
option is only available online, and not at the Apple Store.

Now the Mac Mini has a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor but you
can go as high as 2.66 GHz Core 2 processor and that if you tell me is a very
fast machine. It comes with 2 GB memory but you can go as high as 8 GB, with
the 2 GB you are fine but if you go as high as 8 GB you are ridiculously
fast.  The hard drive comes with a
basic 320 GB but you can go as high as 500 GB.  Most of the entry-level machines have a CD - DVD burner
included as that does not change with this Mac Mini machine. There is even
more, it is even thinner then the previous version. The version before this the
Mac mini looked like a small big thick book. Now it looks like a thin book.
Which is very impressive, if I say so myself. To be able include so much power
into a small little computer. 

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  • The Mac Mini is one of those underrated machines that has never gained traction because it looks...miniature. But I have the older one that I use as a media server and it's perfect.

  • Yea it is very underrated. No one really considers the mac mini as a computer. But as you and I have seen it is a very reliable machine, like most Apple computers. And I have noticed that a lot of users of the Mac Mini use it as a media server

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